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Bordercast Oct 28, 2021 – Traunt Family Revenge Begins

Traunt Family Revenge Begins - The Bordercast



  • [14:47] Starts

My Reactions

  • About Traunt Family Revenge, there needs to be a balance between challenge and reward. There is a big challenge here, unless you are Lazy Data, so just as Ki11erSix said, it needs to have a lootsplosion.
  • It was mentioned that Dreadwind is a action skill and not a Melee Weapon ability. This would also mean that Dreadwind doesn’t rely on your equipped Melee weapon. If you check the Trailers, you can see that the Icy Axe in the footage is always the same.
  • TTWL doesn’t have grenades, those are replaced by Magic Spell. That said, Magic Spells still runs on the Trademark Borderlands weapons system. So you will have different varieties of the various spells. Spells come in a variety of different types from fireballs, hawks, hydras, meteors, and circles of protection.
  • Crossbows look like a unique barrel for a weapon, just like you have magic barrels.
  • Will every TTWL Class be like Zane from BL3 by having 2 action skills at your disposale. Making Multi-classing very interesting as you could mix&match the unque action skills from the varies classes.
  • A dedicated healer class makes me think of FL4K’s 4th skill tree which wasn’t really appealing to me. Also, I don’t think the way to balance it isn’t by reducing the damage output. By having a heal skill you are already missing out on a damage skill.
  • Next week’s episode sounds interesting.
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