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Borderlands 2 “The Hunt 2017” Event

borderlands vault
borderlands vault

The biggest Borderlands 2 Community event has returned. The Hunt is a competition where players will go out into the Borderlands to loot various items. Each streamer has 1 week to hunt down as many of the predetermined items. These items range from unique drops all the way up to legendary and pearlescent drops.

So starting from January 2nd, 2017 at 10 AM EDT (GMT -5), to January 9th, 2017 you can check out some of your favorite streamers like Gothalion, Admiral Bahroo, Professor Broman, Bisnap, and more.

But this iteration of the Hunt is also designed around introducing new people from other gaming communities to the Borderlands series and promoting the smaller streamers. This resulted in a massive amount of 1065 people signing up for this event.

This event is not just for the funsies but each player has the chance of winning some sweet prizes provided by Gearbox Software.

In order to win those prizes, they will have to start a new character and not use any of the glitches or EXP farming exploits.

For a complete list of rules or other useful info check out the Gearbox Forums. Done reading, okay, now check out Twitch for Borderlands 2.

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