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The Mechromancer introduced by Sir Hammerlock – Borderlands 2

Meet Gaige the Mechromancer, the first playable dlc character for borderlands 2.
Borderlands 2 - Sir Hammerlock introduces the Mechromancer


Meet the Mechromancers action skill: DeathTrap [D347-TP]

Meet the Mechromancer’s action skill: DeathTrap [D347-TP]

When Borderlands 2 was in production one of the things gearbox software wanted to keep in mind was downloadable content. With the first game these add-ons where a bit of a after thought. Soon they realised that the system of the original Borderlands wasn’t really ideal for adding extra content, because of limitations only one fast travel network was possible, so the players would have to walk a really long time before getting somewhere.

With this learned for the first game the developers where set to make sure those things wouldn’t happen again, so they started building tools so everything was possible. One of these things was the ability to add new playable characters and as soon as that idea came, the team started thinking about what new characters they could add. With the whole Gunzerker type of naming the vault hunters a new name surfaced, the Mechromancer. It was a twist on one of the popular rpg classes, the necromancer, and a deathly mech robot. One of the concept artist picked up on the idea and started drawing this huge bot called D347-TP (Deathtrap) and before they knew it this little idea became a thing.

Gaige The Mechromancer

But because the studio was under pressure of getting Borderlands 2 finished, and there wasn’t time to finish the Mechromancer in time before the game ships, Gaige became the first playable dlc character. Also this spicy little girl is the first vault hunter to have the shock element as part of a skill tree. Gaige was build with the mind set for players that had a co-op buddy or partner that wasn’t that good with first person shooter games. So skills as close enough where part of gaige’s skill tree, bullets have the chance of ricocheting of wall towards a enemy. But of course for the more advanced players they build in a new stacking mechanic, skills will preform better when triggering a certain event.

For everyone who pre-ordered Borderlands 2 will get Gaige the Mechromancer for FREE, as part of the Premier Club.

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