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Borderlands 2 – Krieg the Psycho

Krieg the Psycho Concept Art

Krieg the Psycho Concept Art

A new vault hunter joins the party, Krieg the Psycho.

The Borderlands development team thought hard about what the new playable character would look like, but all along he was just waiting on the boxart, a Psycho! Krieg is a character for the more veteran vault hunter and takes the stacking mechanic that was introduced with Gaige the Mechromancer to a whole new level. This Psycho is not going to wait behind a box to gain back his health or shield, he means business up in the enemies face, high risk high reward gameplay.

Skill tree

Krieg’s action skill is the buzz axe rampage, you can get in close like other psychos and melee your way through your enemies, and if they run screaming you can always trow your axe after them. Killing of your opponent will result in health regeneration so keel slicing and you will be fine and if you would go into fight for your life mode, Krieg isn’t going to fall on his knees hoping that someone comes closeby to get murdered. Krieg is the first vault hunter that can walk during the fight for your life mode, he will start throwing out dynamite towards his targets.

The 3 Skill trees are called Bloodlust, Mania & Hellborn.
The Bloodlust will feature the ability to let your kills result into large explosions setting of a chain lightning.
On the Mania tree you are able to mutate and become enraged dealing massive damage.
The Hellborn skill tree will contain a fire element skill that will spit out fireballs that will home in towards your enemies.

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