Borderlands 2 teaser trailer

The first borderlands 2 footage showing of one of the playable characters, Salvador. With this trailer Gearbox Software is showing that they are bringing more BADASSNESS and more diverse landscapes. As the camera is turning around this vault hunter you see a shift in scenery, the first borderlands was criticised because of it’s lack of color and diversity in environments. This time around we see snowy icescape and a grass field, two things we haven’t seen in this franchise before.

So the main character in this video is Salvador, as he starts shooting with his first gun, a bandit assault rifle it doesn’t take long before a second gun pop ups in his other hand, a Jacobs assault rifle. This teaser is not only showing diversity with the environments but also with his weaponry. Salvador action skill will be that he is able to dual wield any two guns in the game.

Also we see new enemy types, the beast with the four arms is a bullymong, they live in the icy parts of Pandora. The second enemy is a Hyperion loader bot, know as XP-Loader.

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