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Borderlands 2 Unofficial Community Patch 4.0.17

Borderlands 2 Unofficial Community Patch UCP

Community Patch  4.0

With feedback from the community some badasses have created an unofficial community patch for Borderlands 2 to make the game even more badass. By tricking the hotfix update proces data will now be loaded in from a local file instead of the Borderlands servers. The local file which contains the community updates will fix certain gameplay issues and enrich your experience.

The first community patch buffed certain gear and  made things like Seraph crystals an auto pick up. With the second  patch the community started addressing the skill trees of the various vault hunters. This way  under-performing skills got a small boost to make them viable for late game and provide new options for interesting builds. Since then balance changes have been made, new loot drop locations have been added, and new visual skins for certain weapons have been added. So if you want the ultimate Borderlands 2 experience check out the Borderlands 2 UCP. If you are looking for the ultimate Borderlands the Pre-Sequel experience than check out the BLTPS Community Patch.

  • Weapon Buffs
  • Shield Buffs
  • Boosted Skills
  • New Weapon Skins
  • Modified Class Mods
  • New Weapon Drop Locations
  • Repeatable Slaughter Domes
  • Auto Pick Up Rare Currency

Check the change log for a complete overview of all the changes

How to install the Community Patch:

Before you go and apply the Borderlands 2 unofficial community patch i would like to point out these few things:

  • Don’t have Borderlands 2 running on your system when you apply these changes.
  • All changes are made at your own risk, Gearbox Software, 2K Games, The Community Devs, or Me(ntalMars) are not responsible if you break your game.
  • All input commands below need to be done without the “”, just use the content between the tags.
  • Currently the community patch is only available on PC.  Applying this on the consoles would break the terms of service which could result in other nasty stuff.
  • You have to be in online modus or else the patch won’t work (if you want to play offline use the offline version if available).

Install Option:

Choose  one of these options

Using Filtertool (Recommended)


  • This program enables you to select which changes of the community patch should be active or not.
  • With the v2 update of filtertool you can now also hexedit your game file and enable the console key to  run the community patch.
  • With community patch 4.0 some custom stuff is deactivated by default and can be enabled with this filtertool.


Run  Borderlands
  • Then launch your game
  • Once in the main menu open console, type “exec Patch.txt”(or PatchOffline.txt if you want to play offline) and press enter. Do it after game downloads all stuff(when you see actual menu).
  • That’s all, you can now enjoy patch! It will work only for current session, you need to enter console command every time you launch the game. You can press “Arrow Up” to show your last typed command on console.


More info about the FilterTool.

Automated BorderlandsPatcher

Install using BorderlandsPatcher:

  • Download BorderlandsPatcher.exe from Github.
  • Run BorderlandsPatcher.exe
    • To use Community Patch you need to patch your borderlands2(presequel).exe (Don’t worry, the program will backup original file automatically),add console hotkey if you don’t have one place patch file(patch.txt) to Binaries directory. The Program will find your game path and download latest patch automatically, if it program can’t find it  you can still choose a path manually.
Enable Console Menu
  • Go to the next location in your pc folders: documents/mygames/borderlands2/willowgame/config/
  • Open up the file: willowinput.txt
  • Find  ” ConsoleKey ” and set it to a key of your choice, for example ” F6 ” ( ConsoleKey=F6 )
  • Save File
Run  Borderlands
  • Then launch your game
  • Once in the main menu open console, type “exec Patch.txt”(or PatchOffline.txt if you want to play offline) and press enter. Do it after game downloads all stuff(when you see actual menu).
  • That’s all, you can now enjoy patch! It will work only for current session, you need to enter console command every time you launch the game. You can press “Arrow Up” to show your last typed command on console.

Video Tutorial


How to install the Community Patch:

Follow these instructions, if you need help check out the support sections or the comments below for tips.

  • Download the community Patch 4.0.  (or download the offline version)
  • Place the patch.txt file into your game folder: programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/
    (PatchOffline.txt is just for those with no internet connections or can’t get online, don’t download it unless you’re sure that you can’t go online, or you keep getting the hotfix “Sparkserviceconfiguration_6” Error, rest is normal.)
Modify your game
  • Locate your borderlands.exe file in folder: programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/win32/
  • Make a backup of your Borderlands.exe file for safety reasons!
  • Edit the borderlands.exe file with a hex editor .
  • Locate  the Hex Value to search: ” 83C40C85C0751A6A ” (edit > find > set to hex values)
  • Replace the ” C0 ” with ” FF “
  • Find the text string :” say ” (edit > find > set to text string, also use the options; unicode string + match case)
  • Replace the hex code with all ” 00 00 00 00 00 00 “
  • Save file
Enable Console Menu
  • Go to the next location in your pc folders: documents/mygames/borderlands2/willowgame/config/
  • Open up the file: willowinput.txt
  • Find  ” ConsoleKey ” and set it to a key of your choice, for example ” F6 ” ( ConsoleKey=F6 )
  • Save File
Enable Patch
  • Run Borderlands 2
  • In the main menu enable the console menu by pressing your preset key (F6 in the example).
  • Type in:” exec patch.txt ” and confirm by pressing the ‘Enter’ button.

Video Tutorial

Update Patch

Update Patch:

If you already installed to community patch and want to update your current version this tutorial will help you how you do that. It’s simply replacing 1 text file.

  • Get the latest Community Patch from this dropbox account.
  • Replace the ‘patch.txt’ file in your Borderlands 2 game folder: programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/
  • That’s all, continue using the community patch as usual .


If you got the UCP running you might also like to play around with community weapons, check out the article how to add custom mods to Borderlands 2.

Community Patch Change Log

Patch 4.0.17

Changes from 4.0 to 4.0.17:

  • Made the Fire Rate buff of Krieg’s Wound COM tracked in the buff bar
  • Various weapon balance changes (eg. Scorpio, Buffalo, Elephant Gun, Pocket Rocket, Bone Shredder and more…)
  • Reverted the Logan’s Gun buff from 4.0 back to the 3.1 one.
  • Gave Seraph Shields pink emissive glow instead of purple (Thanks Aaron0000!)
  • Removed the Vault Hunter Relic “buff” which wasn’t one, all it did was change a visual number
  • Made the Bigg Thumprr replacer spawn with the right parts
  • Added a say indicator as a response to executing the patch
  • Fixed some lootpools not working as intended
  • Fixed wrong skin/head rewards
  • Fixed Stomper having no barrel at all
  • Fixed the Infinity not actually having a reduced spray pattern
  • Fixed Krieg’s Flame Flare actually increasing Burn Damage on him instead of reducing it
  • Fixed Unique Items appearing in Weapon Vendors’ Featured Item by removing skins from Vendors.
  • Fixed Leech not working as intended
  • Actually fixed Money Shot’s description
  • Fixed the Sheriff’s Badge’s description
  • Fixed the Black Hole eating the drop chances for the other legendaries in Hyperius’ loot pool
  • Fixed the Deadly Bloom dropping too frequently from Henry
  • Lots of minor fixes

Patch file structure changes:

  • Renamed all UCP Hotfixes to include “UCP” in their name
  • Included all Gearbox Base Hotfixes in the Gearbox Base Hotfix category
  • Moved the Stalker’s spinning barrel into the Cosmetic Changes category

Patch 4.0.16

UCP update 4.0.16

  • Actually added the Black Hole to Hyperius’ loot pool without breaking anything this time
  • Minor formating changes to the original Gearbox Hotfix Data

Patch 4.0.15

UCP update 4.0.15

  • Gave the Bigg Thumprr replacement the correct shield parts to spawn with
  • Added a say indicator as a response to executing the patch

Patch 4.0.14

UCP update 4.0.14

  •  Maybe actually fixed the Sheriff’s Badge’s presentation
  • Fixed the Black Hole eating the drop chances for the other legendaries in Hyperius’ loot pool
  • Fixed the Deadly Bloom dropping too frequently from Henry
  • Moved the Stalker’s spinning barrel into the Cosmetic Changes category

Patch 4.0.13

Changes from 4.0 to 4.0.13:

  •  Fixed some lootpools not working as intended
  • (Hopefully) fixed wrong skin/head rewards
  • Various weapon balance changes (eg. Scorpio, Buffalo, Elephant Gun, Pocket Rocket, Bone Shredder and more…)
  • Fixed Stomper having no barrel at all
  • Fixed the Infinity not actually having a reduced spray pattern
  • Fixed Krieg’s Flame Flare actually increasing Burn Damage on him instead of reducing it
  • Gave Seraph Shields pink emissive glow instead of purple (Thanks Aaron0000!)
  • Fixed Unique Items appearing in Weapon Vendors’ Featured Item by removing skins from Vendors.
  • Reverted the Logan’s Gun buff from 4.0 back to the 3.1 one.
  •  Fixed Leech not working as intended
  • Actually fixed Money Shot’s description
  • Removed the Vault Hunter Relic “buff” which wasn’t one, all it did was change a visual number
  • Fixed the Sheriff’s Badge’s description
  • Made the Fire Rate buff of Krieg’s Wound COM tracked in the buff bar

Patch file structure changes:

  • Renamed all UCP Hotfixes to include “UCP” in their name
  • Included all Gearbox Base Hotdixes in the Gearbox Base Hotfix category

Patch 4.0.12

UCP update 4.0.12

  • Removed the Vault Hunter Relic “””buff””” cause it did literally nothing but change a visual number.
  • Fixed the Sheriff’s Badge’s description.
  • Included all Gearbox Base Hotfixes in the Gearbox Base Hotfix category inside the actual patch file instead of having them spread around in the file.

Note for modders: I also renamed all UCP hotfixes to include “UCP” in their name to prevent any form of overwriting with any of your mods.

Patch 4.0.11

UCP update 4.0.11

  •  Actually, actually fixed Money Shot’s description. THIS IS NOT A BUFF, that’s how Money Shot actually works.

Patch 4.0

Community Patch 4.0

UCP 4.0 Changelog



  1. Actual weapon buffs (Morningstar, Orc, Grog Nozzle, Ogre and Evil Smasher) now have their buffs tracked in the buff bar.
  2. Buffed Hyperion matching Grip bonus.


Assault Rifles

  1. Reverted the Ogre’s buff.
  2. Fixed the Stomper’s Critical Hit Damage.
  3. Removed the Self Damage from the Boom Puppy and further buffed it.
  4. Buffed the Scorpio.
  5. Buffed the Seeker even further.



  1. Gave the Chère-amie Splash Damage, gave it proper matching Barrel bonuses, increased its Healing to 4% and gave it the Maliwan crosshair when aiming down sights (Reduced Transfusion heals from 15% to 7% to compensate).
  2. Made the Storm deal actual Splash Damage.
  3. Buffed the Buffalo.



  1. Increased the 12 Pounder’s Magazine Size by 1.
  2. Made the Ahab deal Explosive Damage.
  3. Made the Hive consume 2 Ammo per Shot instead of 4.
  4. Buffed the Bunny’s Damage, Fire Rate and Magazine Size and removed the Self Damage.
  5. Buffed the Mongol.



  1. Made the Flayer an optional replacement (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  2. Removed the Critical Hit Damage Prefix from E-Tech shotguns because they can’t Crit (existing E-Tech shotguns with Critical Hit Damage Prefix aren’t affected by this).
  3. Reverted the Twister buff.
  4. Made the Slow Hand / Retcher / SWORDSPLOSION!!! always have 3 Projectiles regardless of Prefix.
  5. Further buffed the Carnage’s Vertical Grip Damage increase.
  6. Removed the Damage Penalty of the Triquetra.
  7. Buffed the Tidal Wave.
  8. Buffed Hyperion Shotguns with Torgue/Bandit Barrels.



  1. Made the projectiles of E-Tech Spikers and the Dahlminator detonate instantly.
  2. Reverted the Hornet buff.
  3. Reduced the Weapon Spread Pattern of the Infinity.
  4. Buffed the Stalker.
  5. Buffed the Logan’s Gun.
  6. Buffed the Rex.
  7. Buffed the Pocket Rocket.
  8. Buffed the Shotgun Fibber.



  1. The Torrent returns as an optional replacement for the Emperor (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  2. Fixed the Orc being treated as a Dahl weapon instead of a Bandit weapon.
  3. Halved the chance for the Crit to drop out of your hands.
  4. Buffed Tediore SMG Barrels.
  5. Made the Bone Shredder consume 2 Ammo per Shot and slightly reduced its Accuracy.



  1. Made the Naught an optional replacement (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  2. Made the Bigg Thumppr an optional replacement (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  3. Added an optional module to reduce the visual clutter of the Flame of the Firehawk. (Thanks the_Nocturni!)
  4. Fixed a typo on Shields with the “Grounded” Prefix.
  5. Removed the Self Damage of the Cradle.
  6. Buffed the Pot o’ Gold.



  1. Halved the Contraband Sky Rocket’s self damage.
  2. Buffed Captain Blade’s Midnight Star’s damage by 200% and increased its Blast Radius by 68.75%.
  3. Buffed MIRV Grenades.
  4. Buffed the Nasty Surprise.
  5. Buffed the Breath of Terra.
  6. Buffed the Rolling Thunder.
  7. Buffed the Kiss of Death.
  8. Buffed the Leech.



  1. Made the Movement Speed change to the Lucrative Opportunity optional (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  2. Buffed the original Lucrative Opportunity to reduce Shop Timer Rate down to ~15 seconds.



  1. Fixed the Class Mod Titles of changed COMs.
  2. Changed the Slayer of Terramorphous COMs to boost Incendiary Damage instead of Burn Damage, boosting both Impact and Damage over Time.
  3. Implemented SirUmnei’s Presentation Arrays and Icons for COMs.


Axton COMs

  1. Axton’s Slayer of Terramorphous COM now boosts Sentry, Able, Impact, Battlefront and Pressure instead of Onslaught, Able, Impact, Healthy and Preparation.
  2. Legendary Grenadier COM returns as an optional replacement for the Legendary Pointman COM (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  3. Shock Trooper COM now boosts Kill Skill Duration and Shield Recharge Rate.


Maya COMs

  1. Maya’s Slayer COM now boosts Inertia, Immolate, Helios, Chain Reaction and Blight Phoenix instead of Ward, Inertia, Mind’s Eye, Wreck and Elated.


Salvador COMs

  1. Raider COM boosts Weapon Accuracy in general instead of Assault Rifle Weapon Accuracy.
  2. Renegade COM now boosts Pistol Accuracy instead of reducing it.


Zer0 COMs

  1. Zer0’s Slayer COM now boosts 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, Grim, Ambush, Innervate and Killing Bl0w instead of HeadSh0t, 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, Fast Hands, Grim and Killing Bl0w.
  2. Stalker COM now boosts Vel0city instead of C0unter Strike.
  3. Infiltrator COM now boosts Rising Sh0t and Backstab instead of Unf0reseen and Ir0n Hand.
  4. Shot COM now boosts Vel0city instead of 0ptics.
  5. Rogue COM now boosts Fearless instead of Like The Wind.


Gaige COMs

  1. Gaige’s Slayer COM now boosts Electrical Burn, Evil Enchantress, Interspersed Outburst, Preshrunk Cyberpunk and Typecast Iconoclast instead of Cooking Up Trouble, Fancy Mathematics, The Better Half, Interspersed Outburst and Preshrunk Cyberpunk.
  2. Reverted the Prodigy COM change from a previous patch version (boosts More Pep again instead of Smaller, Lighter, Faster)


Krieg COMs

  1. Krieg’s Slayer COM now boosts Blood Filled Guns, Feed the Meat, Burn Baby Burn, Pain is Power and Elemental Elation instead of Feed the Meat, Thrill of the Kill, Strip the Flesh, Burn Baby Burn and Flame Flare.



  1. Implemented Sheep’s Legendary COM Reskin to make them resemble more like their non-Legendary counterparts.
  2. Fixed an issue with Tunguska’s Elemental Glow color.
  3. Fixed the skin of purple Bandit grenades.
  4. Gave the CHOPPER a new skin (Thanks Aaron0000!).
  5. Gave the Infection a new skin (Thanks Aaron0000!).
  6. Fixed the Cobra’s skin (Thanks Aaron0000!).
  7. Fixed the Interfacer’s skin (Thanks Aaron0000!).
  8. Gave some Relics better glow (Thanks Mike!).



General Changes

  1. Added an optional module to make Ammo Purchases refill the whole Ammo type with one purchase (Thanks Jim Raven!)  (can be enabled with the Filter Tool).
  2. Added new Items to the loading screen display and removed White / Green items from them.
  3. Made Assault Rifle Ammo Drops give you to 21/42 Ammo instead of 18/36.
  4. Made Hyperion Chests have Shields in them sometimes.
  5. Made “Hyperion Contract #873” repeatable.
  6. Made “Walking The Dog” repeatable.
  7. Made “Treasure of The Sands” repeatable.
  8. Made “You. Will. Die. (Seriously.)” be level 38 in Normal Mode, making Terramorphous the Invincible level 40 in Normal Mode.
  9. Fixed the Hyperius Gate Glitch (more or less).
  10. Made Buttstalion only drop Rares and above Gear.
  11. Made the Bagman respawn.
  12. Made No-Beard respawn.
  13. Made Deckhand respawn.
  14. Made Benny The Booster respawn.
  15. Made Toothless Terry respawn.
  16. Made Der Monstrositat respawn.
  17. Made Rakkanoth respawn.
  18. Made Arguk the Butcher respawn.
  19. Made Sully the Blacksmith respawn.
  20. Made Axel, Tribute of Opportunity respawn.
  21. Made Rose, Tribute of Opportunity respawn.
  22. Made BLNG Loader respawn.


Loot and Drop Changes

    1. Made Knuckledragger able to world drop.
    2. Made Boll able to world drop.
    3. Made the Torgue DLC Vault Explosion drop E-Techs and increased its Legendary drop chance.
    4. Flinter no longer drops the Volcano.
    5. The Sheriff of Lynchwood no longer drops the Fire Bee.
    6. Badass Pirates no longer drop the Stinkpot.
    7. Cursed Pirates no longer drop Cursed Gear.
    8. H3RL-E no longer drops the Pimpernel and the Sand Hawk.
    9. Arizona no longer drops the Flakker.
    10. Dribbles no longer drops the Badaboom.
    11. Mister Boney Pants Guy no longer drops the Gub.
    12. Hyperius the Invincible no longer drops the Fibber and instead has a chance to drop the Black Hole now.
    13. Hyperius the Invincible now has a chance to drop any of the DLC 1 Seraph Items.
    14. Master Gee the Invincible now has a chance to drop any of the DLC 1 Seraph Items.
    15. Pyro Pete now has a chance to drop any of the DLC 2 Seraph Items.
    16. Dexiduous the Invincible no longer drops the Hive, Lady Fist and Flayer / Tidal Wave.


  • Moved most of Zer0’s Heads and Skins to Bad Maw (to basically allow all of the following loot pool changes).


  1. Fixed loot pool changes affecting vanilla drop chances (eg. Shredifier on Bone Head affecting the Bone Shredder drop chance)
  2. Dexiduous the Invincible now always drop one DLC 3 Seraph item.
  3. Warlord Slog now always drops the Orc.
  4. Made the Tiny Tina DLC Dragons Raid always drop 4 Gemstone Weapons and added the Seeker to the loot pool.
  5. Flinter has a chance to drop the RokSalt now.
  6. Madame Von Bartlesby has a chance to drop the Teapot now.
  7. Prospector Zeke has a chance to drop the Pitchfork and the Fluster Cluck now.
  8. Smash-Head has a chance to drop the Roaster now.
  9. Mobley and Gettle have a chance to drop Moxxi’s Endowment now.
  10. Old Slappy has a chance to drop the Octo now.
  11. Henry has a chance to drop the Deadly Bloom now.
  12. Son of Mothrakk has a chance to drop the Trespasser now.
  13. Mad Dog has a chance to drop the Bane now.
  14. Deputy Winger has a chance to drop the Deputy’s Badge and the Order now.
  15. Geary has a chance to drop the Volcano now.
  16. Mortar has a chance to drop the Evil Smasher now.
  17. Dukino’s Mom has a chance to drop the Buffalo now.
  18. Saturn has a chance to drop the Lady Fist and the Tidal Wave / Flayer now.
  19. Grendel has a chance to drop the Rapier now.
  20. Tinkles has a chance to drop the Orphan Maker now.
  21. Deckhand has a chance to drop the Jolly Roger now.
  22. Benny The Booster has a chance to drop the Sand Hawk now.
  23. Toothless Terry has a chance to drop the Pimpernel now.
  24. P3RV-E has a chance to drop the Bad Touch now.
  25. H3RL-E has a chance to drop Captain Blade’s Midnight Star and Captain Blade’s Manly Man Shield now.
  26. Motor Mama has a chance to drop the Kitten now.
  27. Dribbles has a chance to drop the Stomper now.
  28. Der Monstrositat has a chance to drop the CHOPPER now.
  29. Mister Boney Pants Guy has a chance to drop the Bunny now.
  30. Unmotivated Golem has a chance to drop the SWORDSPLOSION!!! now.
  31. King Aliah, King Crono, King Nazar and King Seth have a chance to drop the Emperor now.
  32. Mimics have a chance to drop the Fibber now.
  33. Arguk the Butcher has a chance to drop the Crit now.
  34. Sully the Blacksmith has a chance to drop the Fire Bee now.
  35. Fiona, Tribute of Sanctuary has a chance to drop the Scorpio now.
  36. Max, Tribute of Sanctuary has a chance to drop the Lucrative Opportunity now.
  37. Strip, Tribute of Southern Shelf has a chance to drop the Bonus Package and the KerBlaster now.
  38. Flay, Tribute of Southern Shelf has a chance to drop the Thunderball Fists and the Hornet now.
  39. Fuse, Tribute of Frostburn has a chance to drop the HellFire and the Neogenator now.
  40. Cynder, Tribute of Frostburn has a chance to drop the Pyrophobia and the Flame of the Firehawk now.
  41. Garret, Tribute of Lynchwood has a chance to drop the Order and the Deputy’s Badge now.
  42. Annie, Tribute of Lynchwood has a chance to drop the Law and the Sheriff’s Badge now.
  43. Axel, Tribute of Opportunity has a chance to drop the Nasty Surprise, the Invader and Shield 1340 now.
  44. Rose, Tribute of Opportunity has a chance to drop the Bitch, the Black Hole and Shotgun 1340 now.
  45. Moretus, Tribute of Sawtooth Cauldron has a chance to drop the Evil Smasher now.
  46. Sigmand has a chance to drop the Landscaper now.
  47. Ikaroa has a chance to drop the Veritas now.
  48. Moby has a chance to drop the Aequitas now.
  49. Fire Crak’n has a chance to drop the Chulainn now.
  50. Rue, The Love Thresher has a chance to drop the Triquetra now.
  51. Drunk Thresher have a chance to drop the Sloth now (Yeah, booze’ll do that to ya…).
  52. BLNG Loader has a chance to drop Sledge’s Shotgun now.
  53. Bridget Hodunk has a chance to drop the Kiss of Death now.
  54. Colin Zaford has a chance to drop the Rubi now.



  1. Fixed lots of Skill Presentations and Descriptions.



  1. Grenadier: Now also boosts Grenade Damage by 3% per point.
  2. Double Up: Increased the Turret Slag Chance by 50%.
  3. Overload: Now also boosts Ammo Carrying Capacity by 3% per point.
  4. Last Ditch Effort: Now also boosts Fight For Your Life Time by 8% per point.
  5. Phalanx Shield: Increased the size of the shield by 25%.



  1. Quicken: Now also boosts Weapon Swap Speed by 6% per point.
  2. Sustenance: Increased Health Regeneration to up to 0.6% per point instead of 0.4%.






  1. Fixed 0ptics’ Aim Steadiness not working properly.
  2. 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill: Now appears in the buff bar.
  3. Grim: Reduced Action Skill Cooldown Rate to 2% per point instead of 4%.
  4. Like The Wind: No longer increases Gun / Melee damage, instead adds chance to avoid Elemental Status Effects by 5% per point.



  1. Shock and AAAGGGGHHH: Reduced Reload Speed to 10% instead of 25%.
  2. Smaller, Lighter, Faster: Increased Reload Speed from 6% per point to 8%.



  1. Reduced the blinding effect on Silence the Voices.
  2. Flame Flare: Now also boosts Burn Damage Resistance by 15% per point.

Patch 3.1

Unofficial Community patch v3.1

Change log

  1. Fixed Manly Man shield not doing increased damage on a melee crit
  2. Reduced the UVHM DoT Buff to +150% and removed the OP level 20% Swap speed buff
  3. Doubled Homing Grenade’s projectile speed
  4. made GOD-liaths have a chance to drop a legendary weapon.
  5. buff Neo/Evo (Use Orudeon’s Fix)-done
  6. Badass Pirates has a chance to drop the Stinkpot now.
  7. Iron GOD now drops 3 gemstone weaponry upon death
  8. Evolution`s base healing rate has been quintupled.
  9. Neogenator`s healing has been tripled
  10. increased the speed of healing trail by 50% for Transfusion grenade/Maya’s Sweet Release
  11. Contraband Skyrocket scales up to OP8 now.
  12. DJ Tanner has a chance to drop the Sham now
  13. Roscoe has a chance to drop the Hive.
  14. Cursed Pirates can drop Captain Blade’s gear.
  15. removed Orphan Maker from H3rl-E.
  16. tripled the splash radius of Rolling Thunder bounce and made them not damage you
  17. make Skyrocket scale to OP8-done
  18. Increased the chance for Hyperius, Master Gee, Voracidous to drop a seraph by 10% and added every seraph from their respective dlcs.
  19. added every seraph from Torgue dlc to Pyro Pete’s seraph pool
  20. buffed the landscaper
  21. buffed the Greed
  22. Gave new skins to Infection, Interfacer, Leadstorm, Devastator.
  23. reduced the spread of Teeth.
  24. Lowered regen on innervate to 1% from 1.2%
  25. Replaced the gun damage on innervate with 4% reduced DoT duration per level.
  26. Removed reduced DoT duration from fearless and returned the fire rate
  27. Added 0.3% per level health regen to Fearless
  28. Removed Crit from Deception description
  29. fixed Be Like Water giving 10% gun damage instead of 20%
  30. Doubled Recompense damage and halved the chance
  31. doubled slag chance of Scorn
  32. Removed ‘thoughtlock’s increases cooldown by 3 seconds’ text from card.

Patch 3.0

Unofficial Community patch v3.0

Change log

  1. ==================Guns==================
    1.  Changed Kerblaster’s main projectile to be Grenade Splash
    2.  Buffed the Stinkpot to be in line with the regular Cannon(which was buffed in 2.0)
    3.  Torgue Barreled ARs now cost 2 ammo per shot, from 4 per shot.
    4.  Torgue Barrel for Bandit AR now cost 2 ammo per shot, from 3 per shot.
    5.  Stalker Should be able to spin now (Didn’t before)
    6.  Made the Chopper consume 4 ammo per shot instead of 6, and gave it 10% more damage.
    7.  Storm’s orb should deal 30% of the damage dealt instead of the original 10%
    8.  Gave the Patriot 40% extra damage to make it more relevant.
    9.  Gave all the Torgue Barreled Assault Rifles a massive damage buff.
    10. Hyperion E-Tech Snipers have more fire rate now.
    11. Removed the nasty penalties from the Evil Smasher, and made it an above average AR. (Has nothing to do with the effect)
    12. Made the Commerce have the Maliwan barrel, with an increased chance to shock, shock DoT and damage.
    13. Made the Cobra have more increased damage, and more fire rate.
    14. Removed all the penalties of the Trespasser, and made it Dahl barrel, plus a few damage buffs.
    15. Made the Boompuppy’s projectile to be considered grenade damage, and gave it 180% increase in damage, with overall stat boosts.
    16. Made the Judge have the Jakobs Barrel, with 35% increase in damage.
    17. Made the Avenger’s ammo regen way faster (5 per second), and gave it 20% extra damage.
    18. Fixed the Bolt Action snipers fire rate again (they were slower than the usual)
    19. Buffed the capacity and regeneration rate of the Manly Man Shield, reduced the curse effect, massively increased the damage dealt, and made it so you’re completely immune to explosive damage.
    20. Increased the damage dealt by the Deputy Badge. (Scale value and base value)
    21. Buffed the Vault Hunter relic to drop Blues (That’s what rare means) from 5% to 7.5%, it has been tested and it’s a significant increase because of how loot works. (What the relic does is just buff blue drop rates for less whites, that’s it, don’t get it confused.)
    22. Reverted back Legendary Grenadier to Legendary Pointman and Made it boost Crisis Management, Grit, Forbearance, Able and Healthy. (Reasoning behind this is that it was the only COM that was custom and it was overlapping with other mods.)
    23. Pointman class mod now boosts Grit, Preparation and able, and has multiplicative health bonuses.
    24. Legendary Ranger boosts Onslaught properly now. (Thanks to MegaCyber!)
    25. Specialist COM boosts Onslaught properly now.
    No Changes
    ====Loots, drops And Quest items + Enemies====
    26. OMGWTH Should drop Gen 2 Pearls as well now.
    27. Increased the shield, health, and damage of Super Badass Stalkers, and gave it a super badass lootpool instead of a badass lootpool
    28. Increased the shield, health, damage of H3RL-E, and sped up its barrel throwing animation
    29. Increased the chance of OOO spawning (From 1% to 5%)
    30. Increased Damage over Time’s Damage in UVHM by 250%
    31. Increased Weapon Swap Speed in OP levels by 20%
    32. Dexi now drops the Lady Fist, Flayer, Hive and Twister, and he has a 100% chance to drop them. (Including the chopper)
    33. Made Jimmy have Ultimate Badass Loot List (He drops purples and blues like Saturn for example) and Loot Midget List.
    34. Made H3RL-3 have a chance to drop the Sandhawk and Pimpernel. 33% chance for a drop.
    35. Made Hide of Terra never spawn with bad parts, and it has a high chance to get the “Grounded” Prefix.
    36. Made anyone with a rare spawn chance have 20% to drop their legendary instead of 10%.
    37. Son of Crawmerax (Raid boss) has a 10% chance to drop any pearl in the game starting UVHM after level 51.
    38. Son of Crawmerax (Raid boss) Always drops on level gear now.
    39. Dexi, Vorac and Triple O All have a chance to drop the second generation of legendary class mods.
    40. Sinkhole has a chance to drop the Bitch. 
    41. Flinter has a chance to drop the Volcano.
    42. Dribbles has a chance to drop the Badaboom.
    43. Woundspike has a chance to drop the Maggie.
    44. Terra’s quest now gives you a guaranteed random legendary. (Can be any legendary from the world drop pool)
    45. Pyro Pete’s quest now gives you a guaranteed random legendary. (Can be any legendary from the world drop pool)
    46. Vorac’s quest now gives you a guaranteed random legendary. (Can be any legendary from the world drop pool)
    47. Ancient Dragons of Destructions’ quest now gives you a guaranteed random legendary. (Can be any legendary from the world drop pool)
    48. Hyperious’ quest now gives you a guaranteed random legendary. (Can be any legendary from the world drop pool)
    49. Master Gee’s quest now gives you a guaranteed random legendary. (Can be any legendary from the world drop pool)
    50. Increased the chance for Warlord Slog to drop the Ogre.
    51. Grandma Flexington’s Story Raid difficulty gives you a random Torgue legendary instead of a purple launcher.
    52. Motor Mamma now has a chance to drop the Baby Maker.
    53. Michael Mamaril gives you purples all the time now, and has a 10% chance to give you a legendary.
    54. BA. Rex can drop 15 Torgue Tokens now.
    55. Improved chance for Splinter Group to drop a Storm Front. (From 2.5% to 7.5% per TMNT Rat.)
    56. Gold Golem no longer drops the deliverance and the infinity, to increase the drop rates for the Grog Nozzle.
    57. Vermi has 20% chance to spawn now, instead of 15% of the old patch.
    =============Character Skills===============
    58. Made Scorched Earth give Axton 10% Explosive damage
    59. Double Up gives the turret 30% Damage
    60. Made Duty Calls to 8% per level instead of 10% per level
    61. Made Nuke give Axton 20% Cooldown Reduction
    62. Phalanx Shield gives Axton 20% Shield Capacity
    63. Gemini Gives the turret 30% Fire rate and 3 more shots per burst
    64. Swapped Crisis Management and Resourceful in the skilltree
    65. Reverted Last Ditch Effort to Gun Damage
    66. Made Robot Rampage give Gaige 20% gun damage
    67. Made Strength of Five Gorillas give gun damage to Gaige as well
    68. Made Shock and AAAGGGHHH! Give Gaige 25% reload speed
    69. Make it Sparkle gives 30% elemental effect chance and damage to Gaige
    70. Buck Up additionally gives 15% shield capacity to Gaige
    71. Sped up the animation for 1-2 Boom, doubled its damage(including DoT), and made it give Gaige 15% Explosive damage
    72. Sped up the animation for Explosive Clap, increased its damage, and made it give Gaige 20% melee damage
    73. Doubled the Stare’s damage(including DoT)
    74. Annoyed Android now increases the damage Deathtrap deals as well as its movement speed.
    75. With Claws give 0.625% Swap Speed per Anarchy stack
    76. Sharing is Caring gives Gaige 25% Shield capacity/Recharge Rate.
    77. Added Blood Euphoria (which was an unused but existing skill) as a Bloodlust tier4 gamechanger for Krieg
    78. Light the Fuse has been buffed in NVHM and TVHM as well (no change in UVHM)
    79. Pull the Pin gives Krieg 10% Grenade damage
    80. Fixed Elemental Elation and Salt the Wound stacks overlapping each other
    81. The self-hit damage from Silence the Voices is no longer affected by Grenade Damage.
    82. Optics now give Zero aiming speed, and increased the aim steadiness
    83. Kill confirmed’s value has been reverted (it’s still instant however)
    84. Made Grim give Zer0 4% Cooldown Rate per level, and swapped Grim and Fearless in the skilltree.
    85. Fearless reduces the duration of status effects on you instead of giving Fire rate
    86. Like the Wind additionally gives Zer0 5% chance to dodge bullets per level
    87. Increased the chance for C0unter Strike to trigger after getting hit.
    88. Fixed Lay Waste/Keep it Piping Hot/5 Shots or 6/Incite/Just Got Real/I’m your Huckleberry not giving offhand weapons the bonuses.
    89. Made Auto Loader give Salvador 15% Reload speed
    90. Reverted Helios change to fix a bug where it did not work without Ruin, and increased the damage by 50%
    91. Removed the sound from Life Tap
    92. Doubled the damage that Recompense deals.
    93. Doubled the Backdraft melee damage, and nerfed the nova slightly
    94. Made Res give Maya 35% FFYL duration
    95. Made Overload 7% for all magazines instead of 5%.
    96. Silence the voices is no longer considered grenade damage.
    97. Made Scorn’s cooldown 10 seconds instead of 8. (It was too much.)
    98. Big Boom Blaster has a proper Torgue looks now, instead of Dahl.
    99. Flayer now has the proper Pre-Sequel looks.

Patch 2.1

Unofficial Community patch v2.1 (Contains bug fixes and some requested features mostly)

Change log

  1. Reverted back the Ogre’s barrel back to Spinny Vladof (Sin time delay was still there), but it should still have a 10% gun buff.
  2. Reverted back Aggression relics back the original form (They weren’t giving you any damage bonus at all).
  3. Accidently buffed the Torgue barrel related to bandit twice (It should buff bandit and dahl now).
  4. H3RL-3 should have a 33% chance to drop the Orphan Maker instead of 10% (It’s a blue so it should drop more often like the rest).
  5. Hellfire should have a stronger DoT now (By 30% more than the original buff) and bigger splash.
  6. Reverted back the Legendary Reaper to the original form (I didn’t playtest this right and made it somehow worse)
  7. Tuned down the melee damage on the pun-chee (It was 1.56 mil pre-patch, my patch made it 2.48 mil but now is should be slightly higher than a hide, but not too much since there’s no point in getting a hide)
  8. Further buffed the Impaler’s damage.

Patch 2.0

  1. Reverted the Emperor back from the Torrent and made it have a middle ground between both. (Now it’s a buffed Emperor with Increased Damage and faster fire rate, and also spawns with a scope, don’t forget that.)
  2.  Made Dahl E-Tech ARs have the E-Tech buff as well.
  3.  Made All E-Tech AR have penetration.
  4.  Buffed Bandit Pistols. (Same as the Assault Rifle Buff, sacrificed magazine for other stats, so their reload speed, fire rate and damage for less magazine.)
  5. Made Gemstone weapons have their own rarity, with the benefits of being one rarity higher (More gun damage, accuracy and magazine size)
  6. Buffed the Torgue barrel for Assault Rifle to do more damage. (30% for some, and 40% for some).
  7.  Made Torgue Barrel for Assault Rifle to be considered Grenade damage.
  8. Made the bearcat to be considered grenade damage.
  9. Made the Carnage always spawn with 3 projectiles, and Vertical accessory gives it massive recoil reduction and a bit of damage increase (30%).
  10. Made the Stalker have the Vladof barrel with increased projectile speed.
  11. Made Bandit Plasma casters shoot like other plasma casters with the same status.
  12. Slowed down the fire rate of Bolt Action sniper rifles to balance them in normal mode and TVHM (It isn’t much)
  13. Made The Ogre the other vladof barrel, and gave it 10% damage buff.
  14. Removed the -20% Penalty on Assault Rifles to make them compete in end game.
  15. Removed the Tunguska’s self- damage on the big radius.
  16. Reversed the bonuses for Bandit and Torgue sights buffs by accident, but they’re fixed now.
  17. Indirectly buffed the gub as part of the Bandit Pistol buff.
  18. Indirectly buffed the Tinderbox as part of the Bandit Pistol buff.
  19. Changed the Laser Accuracy accessory of pistols to boost projectile speed by 40% instead of 20%.
  20. Boosted the damage of the HawkEye by 8%.
  21. Boosted the damage of the Veruc by 10%.
  22. Boosted the damage of the Seeker by 30%.
  23. Buffed the Actualizer’s reload speed, with an additional 30% more damage.
  24.  Reverted back the changes made to the volcano, instead, it has a big splash radius with increased DoT damage by 65%
  25. Buffed the hellfire’s splash radius (Tripled) and damage over time. (By 10%)
  26. Lifted up the damage penalty of the infection by a bit. (200%) and upped the dot damage by 30%.
  27. The Tediore Barrel on Pistols now gives you reload speed instead of nothing. (It’s a fair amount)
  1.  Reverted the WTF shield back from the Bigg Thumppr.
  2.  Made the Bigg Thumppr an actual legendary melee shield. (Replaced the Pot o’ Gold.)
  3.  Made the WTF shield not harm you, spawn an extra projectile from the original three, have more damage and more chance to spawn them.
  4.  Made the Fabled Tortoise slow you down less. [Went from 80% to 40%]
  5.  Made the love thumper not do friendly damage.
  1.  Fixed the UI of the movement speed relic.
  1. Restored back the shock trooper to the original form (The bonuses weren’t applying right and they were sort of broken)
  2. Fixed Most of the UI Problems with skills. (I.E Gaige’s COMs not showing the proper skills).
  3. Buffed the Spy’s CoM’s cooldown by a lot.
  4. Salvador’s Beast Class Mod now boosts Ain’t got time to bleed instead of Just got real.
  5. Fixed the health passive on Beast’s class mod to be multiplicative.
  6. Salvador’s Titan Class mod now boosts Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of Out of Bubblegum.
  7. Legendary Titan now boosts Ain’t Got Time to Bleed and Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of Out of Bubblegum and Locked and Loaded.
  8. Zer0’s Survivor COM now boosts Innovate instead of Resurgence.
  9. Fixed the Health passive on Zer0’s Survivor mod to be multiplicative.
  10. Made Legendary Reaper boost Boiling Blood instead of Blood overdrive, and Salt the wound instead of Thrill of the kill.
  11. Made Krieg’s Crunch class mod boost Salt the Wound instead of Blood Bath.
  12. Changed Axton’s Specialist class mod to boost Onslaught instead of Forbearance.
  13. Changed Punk’s class mod to boost Death from above instead of Typecast Inconoclast
  14. Changed back Gaige’s Jill of All Trades class mod back to the original state.
  • No Changes
Loots and drops And Quest items
  1. Made the Gold Golem have a rare chance of dropping the Grog Nozzle.
  2. Removed the two heads from Warrior’’s lootpool. And made it less crowded.
  3. Made Vorac’s quest give you proper rewards. (More XP and a quality item. (Any E-Tech).
  4. Made Terra’s quest give you proper rewards.(More XP and a quality item. (Any E-Tech)
  5. Made Hyperious’ quest give you proper rewards.(More XP and a quality item. (Any E-Tech)
  6. Made Master Gee’s quest give you proper rewards.(More XP and a quality item. (Any E-Tech)
  7. Made Pete’s quest give you proper rewards.(More XP and a quality item. (Any E-Tech)
  8. Made The Ancient Dragon of Destruction’s quest give you proper rewards. (More XP and a quality item. (Any E-Tech)
  9. Made Lilith give you a choice of a blue class mod in TVHM and above.
  10. Made Roland give you a blue class mod in TVHM and above after coming back to Sanctuary (Instead of green)
  11. Made The Creature Slaughter’s round 5 repeatable.
  12. Made The Bandit Slaughter’s round 5 repeatable.
  13. Made The Hyperion Slaughter’s round 5 repeatable.
  14. Made the threshold for blue and above gear to spawn level 1 instead of level 7. (This means that you will get good quality gear from the beginning of the game instead of after Flynt, WAY less greens and less pistols.)
  15. Made the Bekah to be considered into the pearlecent world drop loot pool.
  16. Made the Godfinger to be considered into the pearlecent world drop loot pool.
  17. Made the Wanderlust to be considered into the pearlecent world drop loot pool.
  18. Made the Carnage to be considered into the pearclecent world drop loot pool.
  19. Made Moxxi have a 20% chance to give you a bad touch instead of a good touch.
  20. Made Vermi have an increased chance to spawn in Solo (From 10% to 15%)
  21. Made Varkids have an increased chance of evolving.
  22. Donkey Mong has the ability to drop the BiggThumppr.
  23. Made Mister Boney Pants Guy have a chance to drop the Gub.
  24. Made the Peak Reward be an E-Tech instead of a purple. (Legendary isn’t possible since it also gives you a pearlecent, and that’s a bit too much)
  25. Replaced the Kiss of Death with the Fibber from Hyperious’ loot pool.
  26. Made Muscles have a chance to drop Sledge’s Shotgun.
  27. H3RL-E Now has a chance to drop the Orphan Maker.
  28. Made Spiderpants have a chance to drop a Quazar.
  29. Made Bone Head drop the Shredifier less. (It was 33% before, now it’s about 10%)
  30. Made Bad Maw have a chance to drop the Deliverance.
  31. Made Mad Mike have a chance to drop the Madhous!
  32. Made Prospector Zeke have a chance to drop the Skullmasher.
  33. Made Jackenstein have a chance to drop the Conference Call.
  34. Made Arizona have a chance to drop the Flakker.
  35. Made Badassasarus Rex have a chance to drop any of the Torgue Legendaries.
Character Skills
  1. Reduce the cooldown on Scorn to 8 seconds.
  2. Returned Krieg’s Raving Retribution Rants.
  3. Increased the base damage of Axton’s turret by 20% and gave it 20% more fire rate.
  4. Sentry: Replaced Burst fire with Fire rate, 3% per point.
  5. Laser Sight: It’s 5% per point, and in addition it adds turret damage as well.
  6. Removed the damage penalty from Scorched Earth (It was 15% turret damage penalty)
  7. Crisis Management: Replaced the melee damage with damage reduction.
  8. Double up: Removed the 15% turret damage penalty.
  9. Impact Replaced Melee damage with accuracy.
  10. Overload: 5% Per level but it affects all gun types.
  11. Battlefront: Replaced melee damage with critical hit damage.
  12. Duty calls: Replaced fire rate with additive critical hit damage, changed gun damage to 10% per point
  13. Ranger: Now it’s 2% per point.
  14. Nuke: Doubled the damage of Nuke, and the fire dot by x5.
  15. Preparation is now 4% shield capacity instead of 3%.
  16. Last Ditch Effort: Changed gun damage to Weapon Swap Speed, 12% Per point.
  17. Forbearance: Replaced Max health with Damage Reduction, 2% per point.
  18. Phalanx Shield: Doubled the capacity of Phalanx Shield.
  19. Mind’s Eye: Replaced melee damage with accuracy, 5% per point
  20. Helios: Procs after Ruin’s slag.
  21. Blight Phoenix: Doubled the Damage.
  22. Backdraft: Doubled the damage.
  23. Ruin: Buff damage and DOT by 5x
  24. Bloody Revival: Removed assault rifle requirement
  25. Light The Fuse: 100% damage buff in UVHM, unchanged in TVHM and NVHM
  26. Hellfire Halitosis: 4x damage buff (Check to see how OP this is)
  27. I’m the Juggernaut: Buffed to 12% per point
  28. Hard to Kill: Buffed regen to 0.2% per point
  29. Made Of Sterner Stuff: Upped damage reduction to 4% per point, and melee damage to 6% per point
  30. More Pep: Doubled all stats
  31. Shock Storm: Doubled radius
  32. Wires Don’t Talk: Upped to 5% per point
  33. With Claws: Upped melee damage to 1.25% per stack (It rounds it to 1.3 but it’s still 1.25)
  34. Critical Ascension: Decays at 3 seconds between stacks (was 1 second per stack) still starts decay after 6 seconds
  35. Kill Confirmed: Stacks instantly on scope, was 2.5 seconds each time, and is now less per point (5% per level)
  36. Resurgence: is now 6% per point.
  37. Innervate: Upped health regen to 1.2% per point.
  38. Iron Hand: Swapped max health for damage reduction, same percentage.

(Credit goes to Davespineapple for doing all of these)

  1. Gave the Unforgiven an actual skin.
  2. Gave the Butcher an actual skin.
  3. Gave the Avenger an actual skin.
  4. Gave the Tunguska an actual skin.
  5. Gave the Stalker an actual skin.
  6. Gave the Sawbar an actual skin.
  7. Gave the Bearcat an actual skin.
  8. Gave the Storm an actual skin.
  9. Gave the Flayer the unique skin it had.
  10. Gave the Sloth a fresh new look.
  11. Gave the Naught the same skin in Pre-Sequel (Minus the decals)

Patch 1.0

  1.  Made the bearcat consume 2 ammo per shot and buff the damage by 120%.
  2.  Buffed the damage of Unforgiven by 50% and increase the fire rate slightly.
  3.  Buffed The Tunguska.
  4. Indirectly buffed The Madhous!
  5. Indirectly buffed The Sawbar.
  6. Indirectly Buffed The CHOPPER.
  7. Buffed the God-Finger and made it non-bolt action.
  8. Replaced the Tidal Wave with the Flayer.
  9. Made the Chulainn not slag you, and make it Maliwan Barrel.
  10. Buffed the Storm. (Increased the DoT damage and fire rate + damage)
  11. Buffed The Cobra.
  12. Buffed the trespasser.
  13. Buffed Logan’s gun. (1 ammo per shot, 20% more damage.)
  14. Majorly buffed Bandit AR’s weapon type.
  15. Buffed The Seeker.
  16. Buffed The Devastator.
  17. Buffed The Wanderlust.
  18. Made the pitchfork consume 1 ammo per shot.
  19. Made The Longbow the correct rarity.
  20. Fixed E-Tech Snipers.
  21. Fixed E-Tech ARs.
  22. Made the Veruc consume 1 ammo per shot.
  23. Fixed E-Tech Shotguns.
  24. Made The ChereAmie usable.
  25. Made The Butcher have 2 extra pellets
  26. Made The Stinger have faster bullets, and a 10% damage buff.
  27. Buffed The Hawkeye.
  28. Buffed the Seraphim.
  29. Made The Volcano have more damage and 100% grenade splash.
  30. Balanced the BoneShredder.
  31. Buffed The Damned Cowboy. (More Crit and more damage)
  32. Buffed The Shredifier by giving it 25% more damage.
  33. Buffed The Deliverance’s damage.
  34. Return The Twister back to 100% Splash.
  35. Made The Skullmasher how it was in Pre-Sequel.
  36. Seriously buffed Bolt Action Jakobs sniper rifles to make it worth it.
  37. Buffed The Elephant Gun
  38. Buffed the “Buff”alo.
  39. Buffed Hyperion Snipers to match others.
  40. Replaced The Emperor with the Torrent.
  41. Buffed the Invader
  42. Buffed The Patriot.
  43. Made the hornet have 100% grenade splash instead of 80%.
  44. Made The Flakker have 2 extra pellets. Plus a little tiny bit of fire rate.
  45. Made Tediore Stocks of Rocket Launchers give you reload speed.
  46. Made Bandit sights on rocket launchers boost Mag Size.
  47. Made Torgue sights on rocket launchers boost Damage.
  48. Made Tediore barrels on Rocket launchers give a tiny reload speed buff instead of nothing.
  1.  Changed the cradle to “The Naught” from TPS.
  2. Changed the rarity of “Deadly Bloom” to Legendary.
  3. Made The WTF shield into a Bigg Thumppr.
  4. Reduced the health penalty of the hoplite.
  5. Made the LT use the Purple Bandit Skin
  6. Made The Deadly Bloom use the legendary skin.
  7. Buffed Cracked Sash.
  8. Buffed Pun-chee’s damage.
  9. Buffed The Sponge.
  10. Buffed The Impaler.
  11. Reduced the health penalty of The Fabled Tortoise.
  1. Buffed The Blood of Terra to 8%
  2. Made the Opportunity Relic give you flat movement speed buff. 32% to 49% (UI Won’t work)
  3. Made melee relic multiply damage instead of adding it.
  4. Made all the Flat gun damage relics multiply instead of add
  5. Buffed the might to make it worth it.
  6. Buffed the XP Relic.
  7. Buffed The Seraph Blood relic.
  1. Changed Legendary Pointman to Legendary Grenadier.
  2. Made Legendary Sniper Boost Fast Hands instead of Kill Confirmed.
  3. Changed the Legendary Anarchist to boost Better Half. (UI Won’t display it)
  4. Buffed the passives of each Slayer of Terra COM for each character
  5. Fixed Axton’s Terra’s COM
  6. Fixed Zer0’s Terra’s COM
  7. Fixed Maya’s Terra’s COM
  8. Fixed Sal’s Terra’s COM
  9. Fixed Krieg’s Terra’s COM
  10. Fixed Gaige’s Terra’s COM
  11. Changed the passive of the specialist COM of Axton to include Shotgun Damage and Accuracy.
  12. Changed the Shock Trooper’s to have fire rate instead of shock damage.
  13. Made The Anarchist COM boost Mylin, Smaller Lighter, faster and Better half.
  14. Changed the Crunch to have Bloodbath, taste of blood and strip the flesh.
  15. Made Slab’s class mod’s passive’s Type B.
  16. Changed the Sweetheart classmod to have CUT, Fancy Maths, and the better half. And make the Passive Type B.
  17. Changed Jill of all trades to have Unstoppable Force instead of that one excuse of a skill (UI Won’t display it)
  18. Changed Punk to have Typecast Iconoblast.(UI Won’t display it)
  19. Changed Prodigy to have Smaller Lighter Faster.
  1. Made the O-Negative come in 0 fuse. (Fusetime says it’s 1 but it’s actually 0.)
  2. Buffed Normal Tediore and Bandit grenadse by 33%
  3. Buffed the Leech’s damage slightly.
  4. Made Slag grenades more reliable to slag.
Loots and drops
  1. Loot midgets now drop Legendary Shields.
  2. Added The Shredifier as a drop from Bone Head.
  3. Made Blue have a chance to drop the Heart Breaker.
  4. Made Bewm and Boom have a chance to drop the Skyrocket.
  5. Made Nisha have a chance to drop the Fire Bee.
  6. Made Clayton have a chance to drop Flame of the Firehawk.
  7. Made Henry have a chance to drop the Love Thumper.
  8. Made Wilhelm have a chance to drop the Bouncing Bonny.
  9. Made Eridium Auto-Pick up.
  10. Made Torgue Tokens Auto Pick up.
  11. Made Seraph Crystals Auto Pick up.

Frequent Asked Questions

UCP Related FAQ

1.1 What do I need to use the UCP / mods?

  • A legit version of Borderlands 2 / TPS on Steam
  • Java to use the Filter Tool
  • The patch file / mod itself

1.2 How do I install the UCP / mods?

  •  Download LightChaosman’s Filter Tool (Youtube Instruction Video) and install Java if you don’t have it yet.
  •  Start the Filter Tool and select “Hex edit Borderlands2.exe” and “Enable console” with Tilde or F6 (you can skip this if you did it arleady)
  •  Place the mod file into your Borderlands 2 Binaries folder (somewhere around \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries)
  • Start Borderlands and go into the main menu, hit the console key and enter “exec MODNAME.txt” without the quote symbols (if the mod isn’t a .txt, you can leave the file extension away)
  • If the console or chat display nothing after executing the mod, everything worked!

If you’re on Mac / Linux, follow this guide:!

1.3 How do I install/uninstall the Filter Tool?

  •  You don’t install or uninstall the Filter Tool, it’s a Java application which doesn’t get installed.

1.4 The Filter Tool doesn’t recognize the patch.

  • Click “File” in the navigation bar, then “Open File”, then select the patch file.

1.5 Is the Filter Tool supposed to be a Winrar file? Why do I get a Winrar files instead of a program?

  • You need to install Java Runtime enviroment ( for your system.

1.6 The Filter Tool doesn’t find my Borderlands2.exe.

  • Make sure you selected the correct .exe. If you see no .exe file, your file extensions are disabled. In that case, just pick the Borderlands2 application.

1.7 I can’t get the Filter Tool to work no matter what I do. Is there another way to hex edit my Borderlands 2?

1.8 Can I use the Community Patch or mods on my console?

  • No. And it’ll never happen either since it’s against console ToS.

1.9 How do I know the UCP is running?

  • Go in-game and compare skills from your skill tree with the changes made by the UCP. Changelog can be found in the changelog.

1.10 Do I need to execute the UCP every time I go into the game?

  • You need to execute the UCP every time you start up Borderlands.

1.11 I can’t open the console.

  • Go to \Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config and open the WillowInput file, search for ConsoleKey and set it to F6, then try again. If the file is all messed up, delete it, launch Borderlands 2, close it again and you should have a fresh WillowInput file.

1.12 When I execute the patch in the console, it says it can’t find the patch.txt.

  • Make sure you have the UCP in the right folder (Right Click Borderlands 2 on Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files… -> Binaries (FILE GOES IN HERE)). Also make sure you didn’t save the UCP as patch.txt.txt (this happens if you don’t have file extensions enabled but still named the files patch.txt instead of just “patch”). You can also type in “exec patch.txt.txt” if you can’t be bothered to fix it.

1.13 When I execute the patch in the console, it just says it in chat as “say exec patch.txt”

  • Make sure you actually hex edited your Borderlands, and if you did already try again with another method (Filter Tool / Hex Multitool / Manual hex edit)

1.14 When I execute the UCP or when I enter the game with the UCP my game crashes.

  • We don’t really have any fixes for game crashing on execute / on game start besides not using a cracked version of Borderlands 2, deleting your Borderlands2.exe and letting Steam verify your game’s integrity and then hex editing your game again with another method (eg. Hex Multitool), then trying again. Also make sure you didn’t break your patch file somehow.

1.15 How do I enable the optional changes of the UCP?

  • Open the UCP with the Filter Tool.
  • Go to the optionals category and open up the change you want
  • Uncheck the current module and check the optional module
  • Save the UCP

1.16 How do I uninstall the Community Patch?

  • You don’t need to “uninstall” the Community Patch. Just don’t execute it when you enter the game and you’re good to go.

1.17 Half of the patch doesn’t work / I’m getting two error lines which say something with Transient.SparkServiceConfiguration_6.

  • The hotfixes don’t work which means either:
    1. You’re executing multiple mods with hotfixes one after another
    2. You’re not online or connected to SHiFT or Steam
    3. You executed the mod/patch ingame, not in the main menu
    4. You executed the mod/patch too fast in the main menu
    5. You’re using a cracked version of Borderlands
  • If 2. is the case, try setting your game to offline and use the offline patch which can also be found in Shadow’s video or on the Github.

1.18 Even after all attempts, the UCP still doesn’t work properly.

  • Rename your UCP file to something else and try again, this is an unknown issue and sometimes this fixes the issue. Also when hex editing your Borderlands 2, try turning off any Anti-Virus you’re running (like Avast).

1.19 My Cradle/Tidal Wave/ Emperor/etc aren’t being replaced!

  • You need to open the UCP with the Filter Tool, then go to the optional replacements tab, find the change you want to enable, un-tick the option you don’t want first then tick on which change you want. Don’t forget to press file>save patch so your changes are saved! (Example)

1.20 What is a hotfix?

  • Basically a different kind of command which requires a connection to Steam / SHiFT. You can only execute one batch of hotfixes at once.

1.21 Can I execute one mod after another?

  • Principally yes, but you need to merge all mods which have hotfixes in them.

1.22 Can I make a master.txt to execute all of my mods in one?

1.23 Can I use the UCP / mods in coop?

  • Yes, the host determines what’s active in the game lobby. If the host is running the UCP and none of the other players do, they also get the UCP changes, however everybody should run the same mods to avoid issues like skins not appearing.

1.24 Can I use mods without the UCP?

  • Yes, however if a mod contains hotfixes but doesn’t contain Gearbox’ Base Game hotfixes (eg. Death Mark buff / Varkid Evolution changes etc.), the Gearbox’ Base Game hotfixes will be lost upon mod execution.

1.25 When I try to start Borderlands TPS after hex-editing it give me the error code “0xc0000142”

  • Didn’t I tell you that you need a legit version of Borderlands? :^)

2. Filter Tool FAQ

2.1 How can I merge mods/hotfixes?

  • Open the Filter Tool.
  • In the navigation bar, select “File” and “Open file” and pick the mod.
  • Once the mod is opened in the Filter Tool, click on “Developer Tools” and choose “Add single mod”.
  • Pick the mod you want to add and done.
    (- If you want to change the load order, click “Developer Tools” and choose “Enable structural edits”, then drag the mod where you want it to be. Mods lower in the load order will overwrite mods higher in the load order.)

2.2 How can I “unmerge” mods/hotfixes or how can I get a specifc part from a mod as a file?

  • Open the Filter Tool.
  • In the navigation bar, select “File” and “Open file” and pick the mod.
  • Once the mod is opened in the Filter Tool, click on “Developer Tools” and make sure “Enable structural / content edits” is checked
  • Right click the category / mods you don’t want and either delete it or “Export category as mod” if you want that category / mod in a separate file

2.3 So I merged all the mods, what do I execute now?

  • The file you saved the mods into. So if you merged your mods into the UCP and saved it to the patch.txt, you execute the patch.txt.

2.4 How do I read / edit code with the Filter Tool?

  • In the navigation bar, click “Developer tools”, uncheck “Hide actual code” and check “Enable structural / content edits”.

2.5 How do I dump code with the Filter Tool?

  • In the navigation bar, click “Misc tools” and click “Object explorer”. Put the object into the search bar and click “Dump” or put single words into the search bar and click “Search”.

2.6 What is convert .hotfix file?

  • This is a necessary option that you will need for very minimal files (ex: DarkHell’s Skill Randomizer)

2.7 My Filter Tool crashes when I’m trying to merge large mods (eg. Randomizer mods).

  • From LightChaosman:
    Is your filtertool having issues merging large mods (think, randomizers), and crashing at some point, but otherwise working fine?
    Odds are your operating system is not giving java enough RAM to work with. If this is the case, the log files should mention something about heapspace.
    To fix this, run the filtertool using cmd, using any of these three commands, which try to allocate more & more RAM to java.
java -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=50 -Xmx1g -jar FilterTool.jar
java -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=50 -Xmx1536m -jar FilterTool.jar
java -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=50 -Xmx2g -jar FilterTool.jar

2.8 My Filter Tool crashes pretty much immediatly after starting it.

  • From LightChaosman:
    • If your filtertool is not starting, but you are being able to execute as a .jar file, try running it using your command line interface.
    • To run it with CMD you usually use java -jar FilterTool.jar.
      Instead, try running it with java -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=50 -jar FilterTool.jar
      It should look like this.
    • To open a CMD in your binaries folder, hold shift while right clicking (no file selected), which in your binaries folder will look something like this.
      Alternatively you can type cmd in your adress bar and press enter.
    • If that didn’t work, FT does not have proper write permissions in the location you’re executing it. Run it as administrator, or at a different location, or make sure your file permissions aren’t denying it write permission.

2.9 I have issues with the Filter Tool on Mac.

  • From LightChaosman:
    • If you’re running MAC or have issues starting the filtertool in general, use filtertool 2.1.3 open beta instead of 2.2, which can be found here.
      This version should open normally on all platforms, but has less support for mod development.

2.10 I still have issues with the Filter Tool.

  • From c0dycode:
    • Completely remove outdated-java-versions with this tool.
    • More information about this uninstaller can be found here.
    • The user can choose to remove all or select specific versions of Java to remove
      Only Java versions installed using the Java installer are detected. If Java is bundled with any application that uses its own installer, that version of Java will not be offered for removal.

Check if there are any outdated-versions left of the JRE
x64 Path: C:\Program Files\Java\
x86 Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\
If you do, check via your Windows Control panel if you can uninstall it that way. Should you have removed ALL java versions, download the newest version here.


shadowevil, FromDarkHell, Jim Raven, Adudney, laxlife, AngrierPat, Zububu, B33PB00PJOE, Kooby, empireScum, LightChaosman, SirUmnei, Hydrattler, Kazy, Aaron0000, Dave Rabbit, Mike (Soze)

Support/Knowledge base


  1. Saymon Carvalho

    Needs the lastest update or just goty edition ?

    • MentalMars

      I assume just the latest version of the game. GOTY is just a bundle containing the base game + season pass content and such

  2. do you use 2.0 along side 1.0 or do you replace 1.0?

    • Replace/Overwrite the old patch.txt file

  3. is it normal that i get “unrecognised class or object Transient.SparkServiceConfiguration_6” message in the console whenever i type in the command to enable patch?

    • Do you have 2.1, i heard there was a issue with 2.0

      • yes i have

        • It’s related about the hotfix information, so probably because you are not online or your anti virus blocks it.

          • yeah that might be the issue because i am playing offline

          • Not the online/offline thing. Make doubly sure you have latest version. I was getting same error, and noticed that while Maya’s Scorn said 8 sec cooldown (which indicated that at least 2.0 changes were there) her Mind’s Eye still had crit/melee damage, not crit/accuracy tooltip. Something was wrong. Redownloaded 2.1, and all fine now.

          • one more thing, do u have to enable it every time when you launch the game or just once and it stays enabled?

          • Everytime you boot the game. Normally the game will chwck for the latest hotfixes. Now you need to enable it manually with this patch

  4. Hey is it normal that I get Can’t find the’….binaries.txt.patch? I did everything correctly in the video

    • strange, if you follow the steps it should work. place the ‘patch.txt’ file in the ‘binaries’ folder. in your comments it looks like you made a ‘txt.patch’ folder

  5. When i try to type exec patch.txt he doesnt do it he writes it in the chat. What can i do ?

    • did you enable the console menu and use that to exec patch.txt ?

      • i activated the console, then i opened my game opened the console and then i wrote exec patch.txt but he doesnt execute the command. He writes it in the chat

        • Seems like you didn’t finish editing your .exe file properly. I would recommend grabbing quite nicely put together utility from reddit thread there : , then restoring your original bl2.exe from backup, running utility, clicking on two upper options (you already have a patch in your binaries it seems), and trying running exec patch.txt again. Should work.

          • okay, thank you very much 🙂

          • Did work thanks again 🙂

          • one thing, it places “say” by default when you open the console menu, so I had to delete that word and it worked, cos the auto patch didnt make it for me.

  6. When I try to edit the ‘say’, when i save and close the hex editor, if I open it again it’s back to what it originally was. The earlier part of the hex edit still works though. Some help would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Not sure, check the video at 6:41, maybe this will help out.

  7. For the next update, can u please do Bagman farmable after the mission is turned in? That will be awesome

    • Shadow would look into it

  8. im trying to get that patch to work but it says find file patch.txt when i try to exec patch.txt it

  9. How i get the community weapon?

  10. I’m new and I’ve been playing borderlands 2, Can Someone tell me how I insert the most recent community patch there is. I’ve downloaded them down from Dropbox to my folder someone want to do it from then on. Thanks 🙂

  11. When i try to run it it leaves an error. how should i fix that? i tried using the offline one but that one isnt working.

    • Not sure which errors you are getting, but you have to wait a few seconds in the main menu before activating the patch.

    • Not sure which error code you are getting. Wait a few seconds before activating the patch in the main menu.

  12. There is no programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/ folder, i dont get it.

    • Try the x86 programs folder

    • Try the x86 program folder. Its basically go and look in your steam game folder

  13. this might be a dumb question but i am curious, are the previous patches added into the new one? or do i need to download patch 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 all seperatly and put them into a folder

    • Just use the latest patch it contains all the previous stuff. Some things might have gotten a balance change down the line.

      • cheers mate

  14. should i install the previous patches too or the latest one is enough?

    • Just the latest one, if a new patch releases just overwrite the old one

  15. i just installed it and noticed that for some weapons the rarity color has changed, it only happened with a diamond shotgun i have and with adiamond dart as well. is this normal?

    • yeah, that’s the gemstone rarity

  16. Is the patch working as intended? Cause I’ve been farming the hell out of gold Golem and I’m yet to see a Grog Nozzle drop for me. I did get a legendary shotgun though. Is the chance really low or something is going on with the patch?

  17. This pretty much breaks the game, i just expected something like the Skyrim patches which include only bug fixes and nothing else. I have no interest in overpowered skills, weapons and guaranteed legendary drops everywhere..
    //Edit: It doesn’t even fix any major bugs.

    • The community has some issues with the end game. Some stuff isn’t as useful on OP8, this gives those players more diversity in their playstyle. Some bugs can’t be fixed with a hotfix (what this community patch is) and requires more coding and knowledge of the systems. I would love to see some community headhunter packs.

      • I do play on OP8 and already find it easier than my first TVHM playtrough. I can imagine the game can be made into complete faceroll with some of these “buffed” weapons and character skills. I’m still going to give it a try though, some of these changes look pretty cool and not so much game-breaking. (New skins, yay!)
        I would too like to see some community DLCs! ^^

        • Balancing is a discipline not an event. If you have any recommendations you can contact shadow, he has already reversed some of his changes due to balance or feedback. Have fun playing!

  18. When i try to exec patch.exe, console says it doesn’t find the file but it is defenitly in ../../binaries
    Is it maybe cause my steam folder is on D: and not on C: drive?

    • ohmahgawd I’m stupid i typed every time patch.EXE instead of patch.TXT, fixed it

      • of course you want to execute a executable. Enjoy and Launch VaultHunter.exe

    • i have the same problem…. but in my case it says that the file cant be found when i do type it right…. exec patch.txt…. so frustrating

  19. Should I apply the patch through console everytime I quit to the main menu or only when I load up the game?

  20. thanks to that retarded patch i lost 2 hides of terra shields , 2 times when i joined hosts that was running those patches , just deleted from my character equipment slot , i go out that game i spawn in my own game hide gone , 2 TIMES , thanks allot for ruining the public even more now..

    • Just heard that this issue got fixed and you should re-download the patch.

  21. When i use the patch everything works perfectly, except the skins which only seem to work in the offline mode script. Any solution?

  22. I followed all the steps, but when i tried typing in the command it just types it in the chat, but than i moved the backupfile that was created by the hex workshop and retried it and it says “command not recognized” so did i fix it?

  23. Lost my hide of terra just by entering my character. Must be fixed!

    • I heard this issue got fixed and you should re-download the patch.

  24. I think there is something wrong with the patch. I got both deliverance and infinity from the Gold Golem but I’m yet to see a Grog Nozzle drop despite the patch removing the legendaries from his loot pool. And I’ve done more than 100 runs. It would be great if you could look into it as getting a bladed Grog Nozzle was my primary goal for installing this patch.

  25. it didn’t worked in bd2 and hoping for the best it didn’t worked in the sequel…… in both of them i had the same issue….. “cant find patch.txt”
    i kinda feel like claptrap…..STAIRS?!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    i have no idea what i’ve done wrong….. i followed every single step…. the patch is were its supposed to be….. i dont understanddd :((((( can someone please help

  26. hey guis so I probably messed up my gamefile when getting the patch running nor place called frostburn canyon (the firehawk mission in casee I got the area na wrong) wont load and I det a pretty long error message mostly rpeatedly sying item not found. so if anyone knows where I can go to fix this problem or can help me finda a copy of the file I messed that would be awesome.

  27. I can’t find my save files for my character after i added my patch, any help?

  28. A question that is not regarding bl2, but more the files, since after I installed the patch I’ve noticed I sometimes get notifications from this website on windows 10. Is there any way to disable this? I can’t seem to find anything regarding this in windows settings. It’s not like I don’t want some of the news, but prefer not to get reminded even when not on the website 🙂

    • Installing this patch has noting to do with the push notifications you are getting. When you first visited this website you get a question if you would like to receive push notifications, you probably accidentally activated it. You can deactivate push notifications in your internet browser. I installed this feature a little while back because of high demand, but i also understand its not for everyone.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! That makes a whole ton more sense, will take a look at it 🙂

  29. I get the message: Can’t find file ‘….Binariespatch.txt’ I assure you it is in there with the Borderlands2.exe file that I just modded with the Hex editor. I do not have Borderlands 2 on the C drive…it is actually in the SteamLibrary directory on F and has all of the expected directories. Steam lives on the C drive – as do the save files under “MyGames” in the Documents directory, but the borderlands files are on F. I even tried typing: exec F:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonBinariesWin32patch.txt

    Any way I can force it to find the patch with my game installed in this manner?

  30. I finally had time to get the patch working.

    I have been using, building, and programming computers since
    they ran on coal – which is mostly what tripped me up installing and running this
    patch. I thought my experience might be
    useful to others.

    Issue 1: Use the Hex editor (Hex Workshop) he recommends
    under “Modify your game”. I have several hex editors on my
    computer. I use them all the time. I did
    find out that they don’t necessarily handle Unicode gracefully. This is one of those problems that wouldn’t come up for most semi-normal people who don’t already use Hex editors.

    Issue 2: Was pretty obvious to me, but may confuse some people – the name of the configuration file you need to edit is willowinput.INI – not willowinput.TXT as is shown under “Enable Console Menu”.

    Issue 3: I put the patch.txt in the Binarieswin32 directory where the Borderlands2.exe file
    lives. It says right in the instructions that you should put it in the Binaries directory, but the programmer section of my brain immediately assumed that it should be with the game executable file. Again, not a problem that a semi-normal person would encounter.

    issue 4: When you click on the link “Download the community Patch” it takes you to what looks like a directory with 4 TXT files (including Patch.txt) available. The link says “patch.txt”. If you have been using the internet since 1988, your first impulse is to right-click the file name and click “save link as” to save the actual text file instead of getting a listing of the text file in your browser. BUT…….since the patch.txt file is hosted on Dropbox, you actually need to click on patch.txt – which takes you to another Dropbox page with a preview of the file – and most importantly – a Download button in the upper right corner. If you use “save link as” like I first did, you end up saving a the entire next Dropbox webpage with the Download button on it. As you might have guessed, the resulting XML doc cannot be executed by the Borderlands console.

    I have Community Patch 3.0 working now and it’s pretty kewl. I appreciate the thought and work that went into it. I also looked at some of the other mods available on Github. They are worth a look.

  31. Gettle and Mobley seem to drop neither the Veruc nor Lyuda when I run the patch, can this be looked into?

  32. I sincerely wish there was an auto installer <_<

  33. I cannot get the console key to work. I set it to ~ , but it won’t activate. Anyone want to help?

    • im having the same problem here, i tried changing the key, and yet it still did not work, i tried clicking patch and download too, but to no avail

    • ”A short guide for that:
      Find C:Users…DocumentsMy GamesBorderlands 2WillowGameConfigWillowInput.ini.
      Find and replace “ConsoleKey=Undefine” with “ConsoleKey=Tilde”. Tilde key should now open the console in-game.
      Now on to modding the game to make the console useful. This method was tested on the Steam, Windows version.”

  34. I don’t know why I ask that, because I know the answer, but I want to be completely sure.
    When you try connect to a player without patch, what will happen?

  35. Should i install all the patches or just install the latest one?

    • Just the latest one, currently 3.1

      • Okey, thanks for the information

  36. This is a very good mod and I’m loving it, but there’s a bug with the interfacer skins that makes some of the textures blurry. Just a heads up. Thank you for this wonderful patch.

  37. I am trying to install this using the ‘Automated’ method and the game keeps crashing whenever I try to execute the patch. I’ve tried both patches and I get the same result. Can someone help me please?

    EDITED: I’ve also tried the ‘Manual’ method and it isn’t doing any of the changes.

  38. So i killed dex and was hoping to get a lady fist as it states that he has a 100% drop, yet i couldnt seem to find it, secondly i have killed H3RL-3 multiple times and never once has he dropped a pimpernel or the sandhawk. I first manually downloaded patch 3.0 but more recently used to auto patcher for patch 3.1 do i need to download all of the patches or am i just insanely unlucky?

    • You just need the latest patch. Random = Random, so you could just be unlucky, you can check some of the other stuff that comes with the patch to see if its working properly.

  39. will this work with cracked or versions of the game that doesnt come from steam???

    • i dont know you tell me you already cracked the game once a second time couldnt hurt.

      • im pretty sure they are the same files (cracked files and steam files) so im pretty sure it would work but who knows 100%???

        • Basicaly with this patch you are telling te game not to check te server for a hotfix

          • so i almost got it working…BUT i keep on getting the error code when i type in the console “exec patch.txt” : unrecongized class or object transient spark. whatever whatever.and i keep on getting besides when i use the offline patch.weird…..

  40. Please add a way to farm the kitten.

  41. When i search for the string ’83C40C85C0751A6A’ in the hex editor it doesn’t find anything, any ideas?

    • Try the auto patcher

      • I did that before trying the manual way, but I couldn’t get the console to appear

        • ”A short guide for that:
          Find C:Users…DocumentsMy GamesBorderlands 2WillowGameConfigWillowInput.ini.
          Find and replace “ConsoleKey=Undefine” with “ConsoleKey=Tilde”. Tilde key should now open the console in-game.
          Now on to modding the game to make the console useful. This method was tested on the Steam, Windows version.”

  42. Hey, I got problems installing the patch. I cant find a way to open the console eventhough I changed the Hotkey multiple times. Pls help.

  43. Whats the drop rate for grog nozzle from gold golem? I farmed him at least 20 times yet nothing has dropped..

  44. how do i know if it worked?

  45. you could try to get rid og bee shield bug

  46. The automated patch isn’t updating to the 3.1 version, only to 3.0. Any suggestions?

    • You can manually replace the “Patch.txt” file, the autopatcher just helped you hex edit the borderlands file

      • I realized it was working, however some of the features will only work if I run the patch and then I go ‘select character’ instead of going straight to ‘Continue’, For example, If I run the patch and just get into the game with my Zero without going into ‘select character’ first, the Crit Damage description on Deception will still be there and the weapon swap will still be sped up by 20% on UVHM. Maybe it’s a wrong boot order or something? I have no clue about programming so I’m just guessing.

        Thanks for the reply.

  47. For whatever reason, I have completely ruined my game and it crashes every time I try to launch it.
    I did follow the tutorial step by step, but except when you launch it mine crashes, I have no idea what causes it do to this, perhaps I did something wrong in the Hex Editor, probably changed something wrong as I usually do with things like this.
    I did create a back up for my Borderlands 2 save file, and also pressed “Yes” on the back up in the Hex Editor.
    No matter what I do it will probably ruin it, so I’m asking for assistance; any advice?

    • Oop, fixed it.
      I accidentally replaced 75 with FF along with c0.

  48. Question:

    I have community patch 3.0… how do I update to 3.1? Do I have to redo the hex editing?

    • Dont hex edit, replace the ‘patch.txt’ file with the newer version

  49. Is their a Patch for Mac Operating systems?

  50. Why do I have to re-enable the patch every time I restart the game? I thought this was an actual patch since it’s called so. Is there no way to make it an actual patch that behaves like an actual patch when installed? .. so that one would only need to re-enable it for downgrading or for clear installs.

    • The thing you patch is the location of the hotfix data, this is data the game pulls in from GBX’s server for the latest soft patch. What you do is set a different location and you manually need to trigger that location that’s what you load every time you type in:” exec patch.txt ”

      • I get that. But why can’t it remember? That is what I wanted to ask.

        Would it be possible to make a shortcut to the executable file and add something in its properties, so when started, after loading the game files, it automatically activates and enables the patch contents (I believe it is something like [ “path-to-exe” -init something] or something like that)? In a way that also makes it unnecessary to re-select the current character for enabling the changes… perhaps by including the console commands that would equate to the result of that same manual process.

      • Ok, so I did all that needs to be done, but when I quit a session with a character and the game returned to the main screen the little ‘checking for downloads’ box appeared instead of the menu and just kept searching, basically locking down the program.

        So how to fix the issue? – this happened for the first time for me and only after applying the patch and starting a session with it then exit-saving.

        When I installed the game I blocked all outbound activities in the OS firewall for borderlands and I want to keep it that way without ever changing that even for a second.

  51. does this work in multiplayer to if both players have the patch?

    • Yes

      • k then i am downloading it

        • Enjoy!

    • Only the Host needs to have the Patch

  52. when i try to execute the patch it shows “unrecognized class or object transient.sparkserviceconfiguration_6” ….any help ??

    • That’s normal. No need to worry

  53. Do i need all the patches or just the recent one? Meaning if i install 3.1 do i get everything from the other patches?

  54. One request I would love to see. New legendary Mod for Maya.

    Legendary Bitchslap
    +Melee Damage
    + Health

    +5 Fleet
    +5 Restoration
    +5 Recompense
    +5 Lifetap
    +5 Backdraft
    +5 Blight Phoenix

    Red Text: Don’t call me child….

  55. When i click on ”Find” and enter this ”say’ its doesnt find the string what should i do?

    • did you try the auto patcher ?

      • I think i got it thanks

      • The next problem is that i dont find the console key…

      • There is no ”Console key binding” in the Input file… i think this whole thingy needs a huge update

  56. Can somone give me the [Engine.Console] Stuff it doesnt exist in my file 🙁

  57. The buff to the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot drop rate hurts drop rates for legendary class mods from Tubbies, drop rates for skins and bones from Loot Midgets, and I suspect also hurts Norfleet drop rates from Hyperius. I like how you improved the WTF, but feel like this patch kind of excessively shoves it down our throats in drop rates.

    Absolutely love everything else about the patch by the way – that’s the only issue that has me deactivating it, depending on what I’m doing.

  58. Hello! I have a question about the community patch – is it possible to change the scaling to be more in line with Borderlands 1’s scaling? I’m attaching images to better show what I mean, as BL2’s scaling always struck me as quite weird and pointlessly inflating the characters’ stats

    • Yeah GBX did that on design, they wanted you go and find new weapons faster than with BL1. This design affected the whole scaling of the game. So if we went back to the original scaling the whole game has to be balanced again. Weapons, enemies, skills, bosses, you name it. That would be a big undertaking. With the pre-sequel you see that they are a bit in the middle, so that might be a good indication for the next Borderlands game.

      • Ah, I should’ve thought it’s not as simple as changing a few setting. Another question I forgot yesterday – would it be any more possible to make enemies always scale to the player level like they do in UVHM regardless of whether Normal or TVHM is being played? I always find myself overlevelled around the end of Normal mode and most of TVHM so much that I have to avoid playing DLCs until the end of TVHM to avoid making it worse.

    • 10 levels? Not even in BL1. Also you dont need to find gun everytime you level in BL2.

  59. i am assuming that if i wanted to play regular borderlands2 i just dont type the command
    there wont be any isuses if i play with the old beforepatch charecters online or offline

  60. how do i recover the original file that the auto patcher backed up

  61. Hello how do I patch it to 4 if I already have 3.1, I can’t seem to get 4

  62. do i have to re-download the automated borderlandspatcher again in here when a new update just got released? or the auto patcher gets the new version automatically from this site(im gonna just gonna have to open the patcher again and click download patch then patch again.)?

    • Just replace the patch.txt file

  63. I’ve been playing Axton for about a week now and I just got to where I’m farming the Ogre and Twister and I read Patch 4.0 and they’re getting de-buffed? Its literally the only two weapons I want to use on him. Should I just not install 4.0? Am I missing something or are these two guns going to be not as effective on him now?

    • If you use Filtertool you could replace the V4 data with that from V3 creating your own custom patch.

      • Thanks MentalMars! I’ll do just that.

  64. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d love to see Smaller, Lighter, Faster not affect weapons with only 1 round.

    In particular, the Infinity pistol, one of the best weapons in the game for an Anarchy Gaige, can’t be used by an Anarchy Gaige unless you also use a Neutral Necromancer class mod, because in order to take skills from the Ordered Chaos tree, you *have* to take Smaller, Lighter, Faster. And any kind of magazine size reduction makes weapons (such as Infinity) with 1 shot actually have 0 shots, and therefore be unusable.

    • You can either farm a lot or use an editor to modify your weapon;
      what you want is an infinity with increased magazine size.

      • Maybe one of the modders in the discord channel can help you with that.

      • What editor would you use for that? I don’t think the one I have can do anything like that.

        Also, @MentalMars – thanks, I’ll check that out, see if anyone would be willing to help.

  65. I really wish THERE would be something THIS COOL.FOR platform players cuz this just shows that once again,U have to have a computer to EVER TRULY SEE A GAMES REAL PERFORMANCE OR WHEN U KNOW PROGRAMMING AND CODE.

  66. So, after a couple of tries, I managed to make it work. More or less.

    Automatically picking up Eridium works, and some guns do have different skins,
    but it seems to me that some talents I see in-game, and talents I see on the BL2 skill calculator site (and also in the patch.txt file) differ. For example, Maya’s “Mind’s Eye” says +accuracy in the talent calc,
    “[skill]Accuracy[-skill]” in the txt, but in-game it says “Melee Damage”. My testing didn’t show an increase in accuracy either, so I guess it’s not the text lying to me.
    Is this a bug?

  67. I managed to get it partially working, installing it (4.0) manually.

    Auto-picking Eridium works fine, and some guns do have different stats/skins I’ve noticed, so I thought it was working perfectly.
    Yet for some reason a few talents do not work. For example, Maya’s “Mind’s Eye” is supposed to give accuracy+crit, it says so on the BL2(UPC) talent calculator and in the patch.txt also, but in-game it says “Melee Damage” to me, and my testing shows it’s not just the card lying to me, it really doesn’t increase accuracy.

    Have anyone else encountered this issue? And is there a way to correct it?

  68. I want to re-enable stuff from the 3rd community patch such as the bigg thumprr so I got the filter tool but when I open it, it crashes on me before any window can pop up. I am using mac. I don’t know if I’m supposed to open it a different way.

  69. Hey, I think I found a mistake. In the patch notes you said, that the Stalker COM boosts Velocity instead of Counter Strike. However, I found that the Disturbed Stalker COM boosts Rising Shot and Velocity instead of Rising Shot and Followthrough.

    I think you just switched the order in the Patch file, because I swapped the order of both skills in the patch file and now the right ones are boosted by the COM.

  70. Was the cobra given an increased chance to drop by the bikers in the beatdown or was it put into a boss lootpool? I looked through the changelogs and saw it was buffed but couldn’t find its drops changed

  71. hey there, just wondering. what are the current percentage drop for the grog nozzle from the gold golem?? i only ask as it says the the drop has increased from removing the other legendary’s from the loot pool but i have done the golem run 50 times and i have still not got 1 yet. apart from this i think everything so far has been a brilliant yet fair changes to the game

  72. i cant find anything in my willow game folder starting with willow, it all just says default and in the default input there is no console key, how would I resolve this?

    • try the filtertool it solves “everything”. Also the latest patch is build to work with it so you can toggle specific changes.

  73. Does the blackhole drop affect norfleet drop chance from Hyperius? I think i have the worst luck getting max seraph from farming him alone but get no norfleet (nor shreddifier) but 15-20 blackhole. Also the chance of other seraph apart from tattler, retcher and evolution to drop from him seems too low imo.

  74. I have followed step by step with filtertool and hex editor a couple of time but my Borderlands2.exe file gets removed every time I run it, and Im forced to verify the integrity of files in steam as to get it back. Any suggestions?

    • not sure what makes your file to be removed

    • Turn off Steam Cloud for Borderlands 2 ONLY. By doing this, Steam will not replace the .EXE every time you boot the game.

  75. Great patch overall, got a complaint about the installation instructions though:
    I used the FilterTool method, but the instructions on that part are incomplete, you still have to open up console and do “exec patch.txt” every time you start the game. This procedure is not mentioned on the first section, while the Automated BoderlandsPatcher and Manual both mention it.

    So I follow the instructions for the filter tool, fire up the game, I had my Salvador up front so I boot him up and check his “Hard to Kill” skill, it listed 0.5% health regen at level 5, so I knew the mod wasn’t applied correctly.

    I come back to this page and decide to look up the manual procedure, I skim over the hex stuff as the FilterTool supposedly has already done that for me, and then I see the Console instruction to “exec Patch.txt” (Console isn’t case sensitive btw). I boot the game back again, open console, enter “exec patch.txt”, game has a stutter, I load up Sal and check his skills, Hard to Kill is now saying 1.0% health regen, which is my cue that it’s working.

    Also, applying the patch while ingame will cause a crash.

    That’s my experience with the 3 times I’ve loaded my game so far, the fact that I have to open up console and enter that command every time I wanna play will result in me forgetting it from time to time. Though from the look of things the patch seems to be harmless when it comes to having play sessions without it.

    Since I’m lazy and I don’t wanna have to remember to type that command every time I’m looking for a way of having that thing auto-execute every time the game is started. The page: mentions a tool named ExecLoader.bat right after FilterTool. Anyone got any idea how it works? Instructions are the “Figure out at your own risk” type due to how barebones they look.

    • Unfortunate, I have no idea how it works.

      But my advice is just to keep on playing with the Patch and executing it every time. After some time you’ll get used to it. Trust me.

  76. I keep trying to use FilterTool, but I don’t have the Borderlands2.exe file. I have it downloaded from steam and followed all the steps to use FilterTool properly. Any fixes to this?

  77. Hi I’m currently having issues on installing the patch, I have downloaded the most recent Patch update and the most recent Filtertool. I am currently stuck on the point of running Filtertool with Java. I have downloaded Java Runtime Environment and installed Java. But whenever I click to open Filtertool with Java I get an error popping up on my screen as

    Unable to install Java

    There are errors in the following switches:
    “C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands2\Binaries\Filtertool.jar”;.

    Check that the commands are valid and try again.

    I hope this provides someone with enough information to help me, and if not just reply and ask for any more details you need.

    • You could check the FAQ if that helps. If not contact one of the creators on discord.

  78. Hey, MentalWars! I have my patch installed properly, everything’s where it’s supposed to be, but sometimes when I load up the patch on the console, I get two error messages: “Unrecognized class or object Transient.SparkServiceConfiguration_6”.
    It doens’t always happen, either, which is very strange. I’m linking a screenshot of the messages, too.

  79. Hey MentalMars,
    i get that error too “unrecognised class or object Transient.SparkServiceConfiguration_6”
    im using 4.0.17.
    i even deactivated my antivirus to try if it blocked anything.
    i hadn’t found any solutions on google.

    thanks for your reply


  80. oh and i get it twice per execution of the patch


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