New Borderlands 2 VR details revealed during Gearbox Live Stream

With the upcoming release of Borderlands 2 VR, Gearbox Software did a live stream dedicated to the game. While showcasing the VR optimizations, they also took fan questions and addressed several hot topics.


Borderlands 2 VR Live Stream

When Borderlands 2 VR got announced I asked Gearbox if they¬†would do a live stream dedicated to the game. Apparently, they found it a good idea ūüôā Personally, I was kinda surprised by the hot topic’s that they covered. When BL2VR got announced it didn’t include the additional content that the original game received. The DEVs mentioned that they are looking into it. Just like the possibility of porting the game to other platforms. This shows again that Gearbox is willing to support their games.

While showcasing the game with multiple vault hunters, the DEV Team pointed out various ways how you can customize your VR experience. You can adjust the game settings to make the experience comfortable to your needs. If you are a VR Beast and like to run freely without any sugar coating, then you can, however, if you are just picking up your first VR game and are worried about the motion sickness. Well, then you can enable various features to help you get comfortable. You can adjust your movement and sight to make it an enjoyable experience.


  • Additional Content is being looked into
    • Krieg & Gaige
    • Campaign add-ons
    • PS Aim controller (gun peripheral)
  • New respawn effect (the tunnel vision wasn’t a good idea in VR)
  • You can punch enemies by using motion controls
  • Teleport can be blink or slide to the new location
  • New achievement/trophy: Kill 5 enemies in 1 BAMF time
  • Force respawn option in case you get stuck.
  • New tutorials for VR and BAMF time, which include a new Claptrap.
  • Auto pick money
  • PlayStation VR bundle including Borderlands 2VR & Beat Saber.

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