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Borderlands 2 VR Twitchcon Footage (Analysis)

Gearbox Software is currently showing off a preview build of Borderlands 2 VR at Twitchcon in the Playstation truck. Here you can get a hands-on preview of the game and the social media team shared a snippet of gameplay on the Borderlands Instagram account. In this article, I will briefly go over the info I could find through this video.
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You probably recognize the location, this is the moment when you fight Wilhelm to retrieve the power core for Sanctuary. You can also see that the player is playing as Maya, still no shockers there.

What stood out for me is that the Heads Up Display (HUD) is more centralized as the elements are placed towards the middle of your screen. This way everything is more in your field of view instead of along the edges like you are custom to in the regular version of the game.

A subtle detail that I noticed is that towards the end of the video you can see that the mini-map becomes more transparent. This is probably done to clean up your field of view a bit so not everything is always in your face.

New Scoped View - BL2VR Hands-on Preview
New Scoped View – BL2VR Hands-on Preview

A big change that I noticed is during the moment the player zooms in with the sniper rifle. The way that the game now displays this capability has changed significantly. Instead of going into a scoped view, there now is a pop-up window with a close-up of the point you are aiming at.

While this might sound like a downgrade from the regular version, this is actually a smart move from the developers to avoid motion sickness. Remember this game is optimized for virtual reality.

BAMF Icon visible in BL2VR Hands-on Preview
BAMF Icon visible in BL2VR Hands-on Preview

Another thing that I spotted is a new icon next to the action skill icon. There are a few brief moments when you can clearly see Maya’s action skills in the bottom left corner. Next to it is a new icon.

While nothing is confirmed at the moment I think this is probably the cooldown icon for the Bullettime skill (BAFM) that’s in Borderlands 2 VR. From what I understand of it, is that this is kinda like having a second action skill. Having an icon to display its cooldown is helpful during your game session.

For more info about Borderlands 2 VR, also check out my article that goes through everything you need to know.

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