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Borderlands 2 Wimoweh Trailer

Borderlands 2 Wimoweh Trailer

Get ready to join the fun and discover the wild life in Borderlands 2, this trailer not only shows of some awesome new stuff, but also let’s you know it’s a lot of fun!

We get to see new enemy types as the trailers starts we see some skagg run in the distance and before you know it the fist new beast we encounter in this trailer is a stalker, a sneaky little thing because it can cloak and shoot spikes from a distance. As the stalker makes it’s way to the waterfall a rakk flies over… and gets shot down by Zero, one of the vault hunters.  Ones again we get introduced to the four vault hunters, Salvador the Gunzerker who can dual wield with any weapon in the game, Maya the Siren that can phaselock all enemies and lift them into the air, Axton the Commando that is able to use not 1 but 2 turrets that can shoot rockets and then there is Zero the Assassin that can cloak and uses a decoy to distract enemies.

Also one of the original vault hunters from Borderlands 1 makes her return in the video, Lilith (a Siren), she was able to phasewalk and by the looks of it she got a make over. Other NPC’s we see in the footage is Tiny Tina, Ellie & Clap Trap.

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