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Borderlands 3 Anniversary Festivities

Event after Event

Leading up to the second anniversary of Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software and 2K Games are commencing a barrage of events. Because starting today, you will be able to participate in the ‘Loot the Universe’ event, and after that 2 more mini-events are simultaneously scheduled with a big surprise on September 13, 2021.

  • Loot The Universe – From Aug 12 till Sept 9, 2021
  • Mayhem Made Mild + Show Me the Eridium – From Sept 9 till Sept 16, 2021
  • SECRET SURPRISE – Sept 13, 2021

Secret Surprise

For the next 48 hours, ending at 8:59 AM PT on September 15, Gearbox is bringing back Loot Monster Mayhem, which gives increased spawn rates for Loot variant enemies. As an extra bonus, we’re adding the Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts reward Bekah Assault Rifle and the Earworm Assault Rifle from 2019’s Boss Week to the loot pool! When you’re not blowing up enemies and collecting loot over the next two days, seek out Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine hidden somewhere in the wilderness so you can grab a few Legendary freebies courtesy of everyone’s favorite Saurian.

These celebratory mini-events only last a limited time, but we’re also giving out cosmetic gifts you can keep in your collection forever! Rock some resplendent rainbow ice cream cake colors with the shared Popsychle Vault Hunter Skin, check out the Pain Freeze Weapon Trinket capturing the schadenfreude of a gumball-eyed frozen treat forever stuck in mid-melt, and pay homage to Marcus’ magic kill bus with the Field Trip ECHO Device Skin.

And now, for the grand finale: a time-limited SHiFT code for a Diamond Key!

2nd Anniversary CosmeticsKH5J3-9BSSS-K6WF9-RT3BB-FTBCJ
Redeem SHiFT Codes on the official site
Borderlands 3 - 2nd Anniversary Events
Borderlands 3 – 2nd Anniversary Events

Loot the Universe

During the Loot the Universe event, specific legendary gear has a higher chance of dropping in certain maps. For example; Legendary Pistols will drop more frequently in The Droughts, while Legendary SMGs are more likely to show up in the Splinterlands.

This event will last for 4 weeks and each week another planet will be featured.

Mayhem Made Mild

The ‘Mayhem Made Mild‘ mini-event will run at the same time as ‘Show me the Eridium’. During the Mayhem Made Mild mini-event, you will only have easy modifiers on your Mayhem Levels unless you are running M11 which has no modifiers.

Show me the Eridium

The ‘Show me the Eridium‘ mini-event will run at the same time as ‘ Mayhem Made Mild ‘. During the Show me the Eridium mini-event, you will get more Eridium and Eridium costs have been reduced. This is great if you still need to purchase any items from Crazy Earl or if you need to re-roll the anoint on your gear.

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