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Borderlands 3 Announcement Trailer

Borderlands 3 has finally been announced as the next big Borderlands game in the franchise. Check out this awesome reveal trailer from the KING of looter-shooters.
Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer - International
Borderlands 3 Reveal Trailer

Gearbox Software and 2K Games finally confirmed that Borderlands 3 is upon us!!! After yesterday’s teaser trailer we now get to see the game in full glory and it looks AWESOME !!!

Easter Eggs

Yes, there are also hidden secrets in this Borderlands developer trailer.

SHiFT Code

There is a hidden Shift Code in the trailer. Thanks to , , , and for helping me figure it out.

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Russian Easter Egg

Borderlands 3 Russian Easter Egg
Borderlands 3 Russian Easter Egg

During the trailer, there is a lot of old film grain between various sections. During one of those moments, there is some Russian text displayed on the screen. It is hard to make out but if you check it frame by frame you can make out: “включить мотор”. This means; “turn on the motor” Which motor? The HYPETRAIN ENGINE?

Quick Analysis

We definitely are going to visit various locations, each with its own unique look and feel.

The Vault Hunters look badass. Also, the returning characters look good, you can definitely see they got older.

Returning cast members have grown older. Tiny Tina is still very playful. And did Maya and Krieg have a baby?

There will be a ton of weapons. I have spotted various new items. I have seen flamethrowers, laser weapons, pulse rifles, RPGs, pump shotguns, and an SMG with LEGS !!! Can’t wait to find all those legendary items.

There is a barrel/canister with a new emblem on it, which suggests a new elemental type. A yellow glow can also be spotted on several weapons. Corrosive/Acid has always been more green.

I spotted a few new vehicles. It might be possible that you can select different types of tires. Normal, spikes, hover. As the body of the vehicle stays the same but the tires are different. So there are likely going to be various vehicle parts.

  • A Runner-like car, probably made for speed.
  • A Bandit Technical, which you can ride together.
  • A mono-cycle

The broken Vault symbol seems to be an artifact of some kind. We could see a bandit holding it in the teaser trailer and now we see Rhys projecting the same symbol as he previously did with the Vault Key in Tales from the Borderlands.

Also, Maliwan seems to take a bigger role in this game. We can see a lot of Maliwan branded containers. The robots in the trailer also give a Maliwan impression, while the first time I saw them they reminded me of Gortys from Tales from the Borderlands. Maliwan taking a bigger role in the game would also explain the big M sign in the Mask of Mayhem artwork.

New slide ability? I spotted a few segments that looked as if the character is sliding on the ground.

If you check the tattoos on Lilith, you can see in the shot where she is crawling on the floor that they are missing. One of the Calypso Twins is also giving something to the other. The male Calypso, Troy, can later be seen with red tattoos. Are Siren powers transferable…

More details coming soon…

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