Borderlands 3 Behind the Scenes Content

Borderlands 3 Behind The Scenes [DLC6]
Borderlands 3 Behind The Scenes [DLC6]

The Making of Borderlands 3

With Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut you will also get access to a library of Behind the Scenes content. You will get a peek at the development process of Borderlands 3 and see how things are made.

Below you will find multiple videos that will give you a glimpse at what you can expect to see in the Behind the Scenes package.

Deleted Cinematic

A cinematic Gearbox sadly had to cut but this would have had a great impact on the game’s story

Best Bugs: Give Me a Boost

A scrapped fast travel mechanic?

Best Bugs: Happy Driver Moze

“When the fart is silent but deadly” – Noelle

Recording Creature Sounds

How the sounds for Borderlands 3 are recorded and then combined together to create epic creature sounds.

Psycho Motion Capture

How the motion capture is recorded and then translated and hooked to the in-game character models.

Borderlands 3 The Director’s Cut

Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut will be released on April 8th, 2021. This 6th DLC add-on package contains a Raid Boss, Murder Mystery Missions, Vault Cards, COV Skins, and Behind the Scenes Content.

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