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Borderlands 3 “Bounty of Blood” DLC 3 Reveal

Borderlands Bounty of Blood Keyart
Borderlands Bounty of Blood Keyart

Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption

Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption is the 3rd story campaign add-on for Borderlands 3. This upcoming DLC was revealed during episode 7 of the Borderlands Show where Creative Director Matt Cox told us all about it. Bounty of Blood is a western-inspired story campaign. Gearbox Software took inspiration from various famous westerns like, ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’,’13 Assassins’, and ‘7th Samurai’. Therefore, we will be traveling to a new planet called Gehenna. Here you will claim a bounty on The Devil Riders as they are terrorizing the small town of Vestige. It’s your task to bring this vicious gang of bandits to justice.

Along the way, you will team up with some locals but what’s really interesting is that a narrator will guide you throughout the DLC. He will go over the plot and will be commenting on your actions. It would be cool if we got some “Stanley Parable” going on here, however, that might be deviating too much from the core Borderlands experience. That said we did have narration in the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep DLC that was really funny.



  • New Town, called: Vestige, where your actions affect the town.
  • New Enemies
  • New Cast of NPCs
  • New Loot
  • Outlaw/Cowboy Inspiration
  • Jet Beast (only vehicle in DLC3 and only available in DLC3)
    • Dual Machine Gun
    • Mortar Gun
  • New Gameplay Mechanics
    • Traitorweed – temporarily turn enemies into allies
    • Breezebloom – launches you into the air
    • Coresploder – launches exploding shrapnel through the air
    • Tele-Zapper – Teleporters you to a different location
  • New Crew Challenge – find film reels and watch them in the theater.
  • Final Music Project from Raison Varner
  • Releases: June 25, 2020
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