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Borderlands 3 Brand Loyalty Rewards

Borderlands 3 has a brand loyalty reward system. If you stay loyal to your favorite brands and they will reward you will special loot.
Borderlands 3 Brand Loyalty Rewards
Borderlands 3 Brand Loyalty Rewards

Brand Loyalty

On the Borderlands website, there is a section called Brand Loyalty.  Here they talk about the various gimmicks each of the weapon manufacturers has. However, the title Brand Loyalty suggests there is more to it than just the crazy abilities of the weaponry.  In an interview with Creative Director, Paul Sage, he talked a bit more about the Brand Loyalty feature. Paul confirmed that there is something for using the same weapons over and over again. There are in-game challenges that will reward you XP but also other things.  You can get those things through the mail system. So if you meet certain thresholds or complete a  specific challenge you will receive a little something something.

For every 100 kills that you do with a weapon from a specific manufacturer, then that brand will send you a random weapon from their inventory. These items will match your level at the moment that you met the 100 kills threshold.  You can find these weapons in the mail system, they are often of the  ‘Unique’ blue or ‘Rare’ purple rarity. Sometimes these weapons can be anointed.

Manufacturer Specific Challenges

Each manufacturer has its own specific set of challenges. You can complete these by simply playing the game. Things, like reloading and killing enemies with critical hits or a specific elemental type, are among these challenges. From what I have seen, you can complete the challenges multiple times, however, the number of times you need to perform that task will scale up. For example, a challenge that required you to do a thing 25 times will level up to 50 times. Once you completed one of these challenges, you will be rewarded with Eridium.

Tediore Challenges

  • Tediore Tossouts
  • Trade-In Value
  • Good to the last drop
  • C-C-Combo Killer

Jakobs Challenges

  • Jakobs Jubilee
  • Between the Eyes
  • The Old-Fashioned
    • Kill enemies with critical hits using Jakobs weapons
  • Fan the Hammer 25x

Dahl Challenges

  • Dahl Determination
  • Going loud
  • Burst of Inspiration
  • Precision Above All

Mailiwan Challenges

  • Maliwan Meltdown
  • Elementary
  • Deadstream
  • Futurekill/Deathsounds

Torgue Challenges

  • Torgue Terminator
  • Howitzer Heymaker
  • Stuck on You

Vladof Challenges

  • Vladof Vengeance
  • Boomstick
  • Underslung Hero
  • Steadfast and Furious
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  1. Jakobs finally rewarding me for always having a single revolver in my inventory finally

  2. Vladof represent!

  3. I love that company appreciation ❤️

  4. Maliwan for life! Light ’em up!

  5. I always go for all the brands. I never stay at one.

  6. Oh no! I don’t have a favorite brand!

  7. Here’s hoping elemental damage stays viable throughout the whole game rather than being useless in ultimate. Maliwan babyyyyyy.

    • Tasha Renee it’s most viable in late game?

    • Mitch Thompson only when paired with slag. I don’t want to depend on that again.

  8. Oh gosh this wont be to hard

  9. I think that’s good!

  10. Nic Cahoon

  11. Sam Levy

  12. Ahh, I miss my Lyuda. <3

  13. Dahl army YES! Dahl is going to be awesome as it always deserved!

  14. yes love us torgue

  15. What if I don’t want any brand and want to look for myself out there? Would I be able to find special loot? 🤔

  16. This excites me greatly.


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