Borderlands 3 Community Takedown Event – #TakedownChallenge

Moxsy is hosting a Borderlands 3 community event. The challenge is to speed run the Maliwan Takedown in new and creative ways.

Full details of the Challenge:

The Challenge is to use non-meta weapons and gear to solo the Maliwan Takedown on Mayhem 4 TVHM as fast as possible. Certain Weapons and gear you cannot use are as follows:

Banned Weapons:

  • No MIRV Tediores
  • No Everblasts
  • No Cutsman
  • No Redistributor
  • No Recursion
  • No Lucky 7
  • No ION Cannon
  • No Spiritual Driver (Amara class mod)
  • No Seeing Dead (Zane class mod)
  • No Brainstormer
  • No Hedgehog
  • No Quickie
  • No Cloning Madden Tracker Grenade (Or ANY purple tracker grenades)
  • No Maggie
  • No Low-level shields (must use level 50)
  • No Lyuda
  • No Kyb’s Worth
  • No Critswapping
  • No Terror Extra Projectile Stacking

How to Submit

To submit your entry for the challenge you need to upload your response to Youtube with the Title #TakedownChallenge and the vault hunter you used and the time you completed the run in (THIS IS A MUST) The Game/recording requirements: (READ ALL)

  • You MUST show ALL guns WITH ATTACHMENTS (inspect the gun). If any of the guns are modded, your submission will be invalid.
  • You MUST show the Class Mod, grenades, artifact and shield that you use in the Takedown. If any of the items are modded, your submission will be invalid.
  • You MUST show your Mayhem 4 modifiers. If they are boosting anything in your build, your submission will be invalid.
  • You MUST show your Skill Tree. If you have any extra skill points (cheated in) your submission will be invalid.
  • You MUST show your Guardian Rank.
  • You CANNOT use any skips.
  • You may NOT cut your video. You need to leave the entire raw clip for us to see. (Necessary in case people want to switch to any modded gear mid-run, do any unfair glitches, etc…)


Submit your run to this google form


5 Categories of winners, best Amara Run, best Fl4k run, best Zane run, & best Moze run, and most creative build (Second place of each of the categories as well).

  • You CANNOT win in more than 2 categories. (You can win the best time for Moze & Amara & Fl4k, but you will only be rewarded for 2 of those placements.)
  • First place prize is 50 dollars, second place is 10 (with more hopefully coming from twitch donations – donate with #TakedownChallenge)
  • The Grand Prize is Ki11er Six‘s Diamond Loot Chest which he will ship to your address (MUST BE IN THE US BECAUSE OF SHIPPING COSTS)!!
  • Leaderboard: – A running leaderboard of the best times can be found in the community event channel in my discord. Join Moxsy’s Discord!


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