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Borderlands 3 Cross-Promotion Event in Fortnite

Introducing #FortniteXMayhem

Mayhem is coming to Fortnite as a special rift zone will bring you to Pandora.  Here you can release your inner psycho and take on those that are not fit to join the Children of the Vault. With this event you will be able to get the Psycho cosmetics bundle which contains:

Psycho Bundle

  • Psycho Bandit Outfit
    • The Psycho Bandit Outfit features the iconic mask, hand wraps, makeshift outfit, and washboard abs that will instantly strike fear into your enemies’ hearts.
  • Claptrap Pet
    • Carrying around the Claptrap Pet might be just as dangerous as painting a target on your back, but it’s your duty as Claptrap’s loyal minion to ferry him across the battlefield and up any stairs you encounter.
  • Psycho Buzz Axes
    • The pointiest ends of the Psycho Buzz Axes are equally effective when smashing skulls or breaking objects for materials.

You can get the Psycho bundle for free if you purchased any of the digital versions of Borderlands 3 in the EPIC Store.  This deal lasts all the way throughout December 2020.

Pandora Rift Zone

The new Pandora Rift Zone is in the southwest of the map, replacing the area by the truck stop and little unnamed village (Paradise Palms is still there). This is a little new, mini Pandora zone in which your shields regenerate quickly, which will dramatically change how fights play out there.

So get ready to drop into the Pandora Rift Zone, rock a full set of Psycho cosmetic gear, and unleash your anarchic artistry with the Pandora Prefab.


Amongst all the Mayhem, you can go hunting for hidden Vault Symbols and help claptrap find his missing eye. These objectives will earn you XP, sprays, and wraps.

Fortnite x Borderlands 3 Challenges

Fortnite x Borderlands 3 Challenges


Personally, I’m a bit surprised by the Fortnite X Mayhem cross-promotion. I didn’t expect this to be a thing. Yes, you want a lot of ‘eyeballs’ on your game and Fortnite is still one of those games that is being played by A LOT of people. So this collaboration is really good to get the word out. Borderlands 3 could be that upgrade that players are looking for. There is somewhat of an overlap in the visual presentation as both games have a cartoony look. However, you can definitely see that Borderlands is a game with a mature rating.  Fortnite is also 2 years old, that player base has also matured. By providing them with a  skin creates a sense of ownership. Now that player already associates hem/her/its self with the franchise.

So from a marketing perspective, this is a really great move. And for us Borderlands fans this is also really great because the more people that play/buy Borderlands 3, the more support Gearbox and 2K will give this game. Meaning that there is a reason for them to go beyond the 4 initial DLC packs.

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