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20 Things you might have missed in the Borderlands 3 E3 Trailer

The official Borderlands 3 Trailer shown by Gearbox Software and 2K Games at E3 2019

Gearbox Software and 2K Games drop an AWESOME trailer during E3 2019. I spend a lot of time going over the footage and watching it frame-by-frame to see if I could dig up hidden secrets. Here are 20 things you might have missed while watching this Borderlands 3 trailer


  • (0:14) Lilith confirms that she was a Siren but not anymore. You can see her tattoos disappear as she mentions this.
  • (0:18) I already covered a lot of vehicle parts in my guide, however, looking at this trailer there will be even more. I spotted an energy shield in front of one of the vehicles.
  • Loot goon goliath aka the big enemy with a loot chest on his back. Defeat him to get access to a high-value chest. Loot Tinks are also confirmed by the DEVs, however, be quick on defeating these as they will try and escape.
  • (0:30) FL4K summons 3 pets at once, it’s confirmed that this is some “creative freedom” for the sake of the trailer.
  • (0:36) You see Zane teleport and leave a decoy in his place, this is also some “creative freedom”. You can spawn a decoy and then quickly switch places with it.
  • A lot of different-looking Bandit types.
  • (0:45) A SMG shoots out energy bolts that split into two, which create an energy beam connecting the two over time. This is the legendary Cutsman.
  • (0:47) A weapon that shoots weapons???!!! The DEVs were mysterious about the manufacturer in the IGN interview, therefore it might be one that is not listed on the site (yet). The Symbols/Design look like an Eridian artifact. During the interview, the DEVs mentioned it consumed a special kind of “ammunition”. Does it consume Eridium?
  • (0:49) The little girl next to Maya is called Ava. She isn’t able to perform those Siren powers. Ava is under the guidance of Maya.
  • (0:56) Guns with Legs can walk up the stairs but Claptrap still can’t.
  • (0:59) Tannis and Rhys connect 2 pieces of a smaller Vault Key (Is this the Vault Key from Typhon Deleon the first Vault Hunter?)
  • (01:01) The new NPC next to Sir Hammerlock is Waynewright Jakobs.
  • (01:06) Golden Chest you open with Golden Keys in Borderlands 3.
  • (01:09) Troy & Tyreen stand on a plateau.  In front of it, we see the neon letter; S..VAT..N., the dotted areas get masked by the big V sign. Does this spell SALVATION?
Salvation by Troy & Tyreen ? - Borderlands 3
Salvation by Troy & Tyreen? – Borderlands 3
  • Tyreen shoots fireworks with her gun. After the hamburger gun and the gun that shoots guns, we can expect this to be an official item right?
  • (01:15) This fanatic shows a resemblance to the character sitting next to Troy & Tyreen in the Mask of Mayhem art.
Are fanatics the leaders of the Bandit groups on each planet and do they function like Bosses.
Fanatics are an enemy  type in Borderlands 3
  • 01:20) Lilith doing a blow kiss is a call back to one of the first the Borderlands 1 screenshots.
  • (01:22) The Spiderant has a mechanical leg, FL4K skill tree augment?
  • (01:25) Bandit, Maliwan, and Dinos all in the city for a final showdown?
  • (01:29) Goliath reached his ultimate form (based of BL2).
  • (01:38) FL4K goes invisible, which could also be seen in the Reveal Event Trailer.
  • (01:39) We see Zane pick up his Barrier shield.
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