Borderlands 3 End Game Community Challenge

How Fast Can Your Build Go?!

There is a new community challenge in town. Triple G challenges you on how fast can you beat the end game content in Borderlands 3? You will need to complete all 6 Proving Grounds and both Takedowns on the highest difficulty setting. So you will be doing True Takedown Mode and be playing on Mayhem Level 11. You can play on M10 but due to the mayhem modifiers, M11 offers an equal playing ground.  So put your skills and build to the test and see if you can beat Triple G’s time. His time is set at 2HRS 12M using his Shoulder of Fortune Zane build.


  • Play all 6 Proving Grounds
  • Play both Takedowns  on True Takedown Mode
  • Mayhem 11
  • No Skips
  • No Complex Root

You can leave your best times in Triple G’s Twitter or Youtube comment section.

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