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Borderlands 3 Endgame Loot Adjusted

I Will Reward You - Borderlands 3
I Will Reward You - Borderlands 3

Rewarding Challenging Content

Gearbox Software has pushed a hotfix today that increases the loot rewards for end game content. With these changes, the developers want to reward you for completing the endgame challenges. So when you beat a boss, proving ground, or takedown, you will see more legendary loot.

Boss Lootsplosion

Recently, there was an update to the game that lowered the legendary world drop rates. While these changes are alright for random world drops, this change also impacted the drop rates from bosses. With this week’s hotfix, we see an adjustment that buffs the drop rates from bosses. On top of that, they also increased the chance for Class Mods and Artifacts to drop from Bosses. So the more challening items that define your endgame build are now becoming easier to obtain.

Prove Yourself and be Rewarded

The Proving Grounds were designed to be part of Borderlands 3’s endgame. However, no one really did them for the loot as they simply weren’t really rewarding. Even when you managed to beat the challenge in the fastest time possible the big loot chest at the end was lackluster.

Now the Proving Ground Trial chests have an increased chance of giving you a legendary. If you manage to beat the trial in the fastest time possible, the chest will be filled with legendaries! This is a really great intensive to start playing these Proving Grounds again. Because now you are being rewarded to complete challenging content. Last week, Gearbox Software made it so that Proving Ground Trialsg gave you an increased chance of getting Class Mods and Artifacts to create a more reliable end game farm for those items.

Eridium Rewards

With Crazy Earl’s Reroll machine, Eridium has become a big part of Borderlands 3’s end game. Anoints are essential for your endgame build. Getting the correct one has its price and I think we all paid a huge chunk to get the anoint that we wanted. Therefore, Gearbox increased the amount of Eridium that we can earn.

Boss in the Slaughter Domes will drop an additional stack of Eridium that will reward you with 500 Eridium! That is a substantial amount of Eridium.

Also, the Eridium Rewards that you can earn with the Vault Cards is increased to 500 !!!

Graeme, the Creative Director of the Borderlands 3 Live Team, has mentioned that they keep monitoring the new economy in the game and make further adjustments if needed. All-in-all these changes are really great and Borderlands 3’s endgame is really shaping up.

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