Borderlands 3 Flamethrowers Confirmed by Randy Pitchford

Borderlands 3 Flamethrowers Confirmed by Randy Pitchford
Borderlands 3 Flamethrowers Confirmed by Randy Pitchford
Randy Pitchford CONFIRMS Flamethrowers For Borderlands 3!!! In this Borderlands 3 information video we are going over the tweet that Randy Pitchford wants to add The Boring Company's flamethrower in the next Borderlands game.

In this article I’m going over the recent Twitter exchange between Gearbox president Randy Pitchford and business magnate Elon Musk. This quickly went from  Elon having fun with Flamethrowers and Randy being super serious on adding them to the next Borderlands game.  Basically confirming flamethrowers coming to Borderlands 3. So what does this mean for Borderlands 3 and the weapon manufacturers in the game.

Borderlands 3 Flamethrowers Confirmed Tweet

Flamethrowers are a bad idea, unless you like FUN!

So Elon Musk who is a genius decided to make flamethrower because they are fun. And they are selling like hot cookies as the 19.000  are almost sold out. But Elon has been posting some funny tweets about his flamethrower. Like they are great against the zombie apocalypse. That Flamethrowers   are a bad idea and you shouldn’t buy one, unless you like fun. But the tweet that triggered Randy Pitchford was the one that the flamethrower is sentient and its safe word is “cryptocurrency”, it comes with a free blockchainand. Randy Pitchford responded that he was going to add this to the next Borderlands game and asked Elon if he wanted to write the flavor text.  So yay we finally are finally getting flamethrower in Borderlands. I always found it odd that we did have a vehicle with a flamethrower on it but not a gun with the same capabilities. Oke we did get some flames with Krieg in Borderlands 2 but that was a bit lackluster. But let me know if you are excited for a flamethrower in the next borderlands in the comments below. Personally I always wanted one and even with Battleborn I hoped that they would add a hero that would have a flamethrower. That sadly didn’t happen, but with borderlands 3 we potentially can have thousands of variations. Hopefully it isn’t just the one Elon Musk flamethrower with no range because that would just be a troll weapon. Hey it’s still Gearbox Software we are talking about, it wouldn’t be the first time they troll us. Maybe it’s just like the flakker where some people can wreck everything with it and other people can’t even hurt a fly.

Callinicus Weapon Manufacture

So what could this potentially mean for the weapon manufacturers. Will they all be making flamethrower or will we be getting a new weapon manufacturer that specializes in flamethrower just like Torgue is all about explosion. Torgue basically got dips on the explosive element since Borderlands 2 not counting frags and rocket launchers. Therefore it could be possible that we will get a weapon manufacture that focuses on the fire element with flamethrowers. Because wondering how adding a flamethrower would work with all the weapon parts. It should at least have a unique barrel and clip for such a thing to work. Add up that you would also need to make it compatible with all the other manufactures. So a new weapon manufacture wouldn’t be such a bad idea.   With previous Borderlands games Gearbox pulled a lot of names and reverences from Greek mythology. When i started researching Fire and Greek history i found out that ‘Greek Fire‘ was a thing in back in 673  and it dominated the naval warfare. This liquid fire is the precursor of flamethrowers and napalm. This invention of Greek Fire is credited to a Christian Greek named Kallinikos (aka Callinicus). So it would be fitting for Gearbox to name the new weapon manufacture after guy.

Let me know what you think of flamethrowers in Borderlands 3 in the comments below.   Also if you have any specific questions about the next Borderlands game then check out the Borderlands 3 FAQ for a quick overview and links to in-depth articles on the most frequent asked Borderlands 3 questions.

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