Borderlands 3 Gets Series of Mini-Events for its Anniversary

Borderlands 3 Anniversary Events
Borderlands 3 Anniversary Events

We are nearly coming up on Borderlands 3 one year anniversary. Therefore, there will be a series of mini-events to celebrate the occasion. Starting July 30 every Thursday a new mini-event will be activated. This goes on all the way to September 10 when the final mini-event will end. These events will be activated through a hotfix update. So don’t skip through the main menu at lightspeed because then you will miss out on the activities. When you are on the main menu and there is a sign on the poll in the background “Hotfix Applied” then you are good to go.

Borderlands 3 Anniversary Mini-Events

  • ECHOcast Overload
    • Better chance of scoring loot during Rare Chest Events in the ECHOcast Twitch extension.
    • Starts 9 AM PT July 30 till 8:59 AM PT August 6
  • Bonus Boss Loot 
    • Most bosses have an increased chance to drop Legendary loot
    • Starts 9 AM PT August 6 till 8:59 AM PT August 13
  • Loot Monster Mayhem
    • Increased spawn rates for Loot variant enemies
    • Starts 9 AM PT August 13 till 8:59 AM PT August 20
  • Show Me The Eridium
    • Increased Eridium drops and Eridium item discounts
    • Starts 9 AM PT August 20 till 8:59 AM PT August 27
  • Mayhem Made Mild
    • All Easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode
    • Starts 9 AM PT August 27 till 8:59 AM PT September 3
  • Making It Rain
    • Enemies drop more in-game cash
    • Starts 9 AM PT September 3 till 8:59 AM PT September 10


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