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Will Borderlands 3 Be Going Back to its Roots ?

Borderlands 3 Chnage of Tone
Borderlands 3 Chnage of Tone

Gearbox President Randy Pitchford responded to a tweet from a Borderlands fan that expressed his opinion about the franchise. The fan, @TombaHat, told how he preferred the weapons system and the humor from the original Borderlands above that from Borderlands 2. To which Randy Pitchford replied that he loves Borderlands 2, but feels the same about Borderlands 1. Randy also mentioned that the tone of the next game, Borderlands 3, will be closer to the original instead of the sequel.

That said the original Borderlands was written by Mikey Neumann, Randy Pitchford, and his wife. Borderlands 2 lead writer was Anthony Burch. For the next Borderlands game, it has been announced that Mikey Neumann would once again be the lead writer. So this would probably result in the tone of humor would be more of a reflection of the original Borderlands, well as far as Mikey completed the script because recently Mikey left Gearbox software.

While the term ‘tone’ can be very brought I currently think this tweet is more related to the humor than the weapon system. But let me know what you guys think of this, are you looking forward to a go back to the roots or did you like the Borderlands 2 vibe?

Borderlands 3 tone of the game
The tone of Borderlands 3
Borderlands Mister Torgue's Arena of Badassery Board Game
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