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Borderlands 3 Interview and Gameplay on YouTube Live at E3

Randy Varnell and Paul Sage from Gearbox Software sit down with Geoff Keighley on Youtube Live, which host a live show during E3. During the interview, they will also show gameplay from Moze who is about to take on Mouthpiece.
Borderlands 3 Developer Interview at E3 2019


  • What’s new for Borderlands 3?
  • What haven’t you discussed about the game leading up to the release?
    • Artifacts that enhance movement. New planets.
  • Moze has got a mech suit?
    • Iron bear is the oh crap button
  • Can you tell us something how you enhanced the gameplay?
    • the moment to moment gameplay, sliding, movement,  etc.
  • Shift Codes were a big thing for BL2 how are you guys handling that in BL3?
    • There will be a golden chest on Sanctuary 3 and there will be more to the golden chest.
  • What can you tell about the storyline of BL3?
    • We start on Pandora, there is a new threat. The Bandits have been merged by the Calypso twins., Troy & Tyreen. They have stolen the Vault Key that we saw at the end of BL2. Lilith has ordered the vault hunters to get it back. This will send you on a planet-hopping adventure.
  • How much bigger is Borderlands 3 compared to the previous games?
    • Biggerer.  But it’s not just about the size it’s also about density. We have crew challenges this time around that give you various things to do.
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