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Borderlands 3 Interview and Gameplay on YouTube Live at E3

Randy Varnell and Paul Sage from Gearbox Software sit down with Geoff Keighley on Youtube Live, which host a live show during E3. The interview briefly touches upon the Commander Lilith DLC, however, they quickly transition to Borderlands 3. During the interview, they will also show gameplay from Moze who is about to take on Mouthpiece.


  • What’s new for Borderlands 3?
    • Moze and her abilities.
  • What haven’t you discussed about the game leading up to the release?
  • Moze has got a mech suit?
    • Iron bear is the oh crap button
  • Can you tell us something about how you enhanced the gameplay?
    • the moment-to-moment gameplay, sliding, movement, etc.
  • Shift Codes were a big thing for BL2 how are you guys handling that in BL3?
  • What can you tell about the storyline of BL3?
    • We start on Pandora, there is a new threat. The Bandits have been merged by the Calypso twins, Troy & Tyreen. They have stolen the Vault Key that we saw at the end of Borderlands 2. Lilith has ordered the Vault Hunters to get it back. This will send you on a planet-hopping adventure.
  • How much bigger is Borderlands 3 compared to the previous games?
    • Biggerer. But it’s not just about the size it’s also about density. We have crew challenges this time around that give you various things to do.
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