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Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons are Nerfed and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

Less is More - Borderlands 3
Less is More - Borderlands 3

Legendary Drops Adjusted

Borderlands 3 is received a hotfix that adjusts the drop rates of the legendary weapons in the game. Gearbox Software actually lowered the legendary world drop rates in Mayhem Mode and that is actually a good thing. The legendary drops won’t be as bad as Borderlands 2. But this change is good for the longevity of the game but also for making legendary weapons feel rewarding again.

Note: the lowered drop rates only affect the world drops the dedicated drops won’t be affected. So you can look up the legendary drop locations on the site and farm the dedicated source.

Less is More and Here is Why

Earlier in Borderlands 3’s life cycle, the community had a hard time getting the legendary items that they wanted. Because anoints determine the Borderlands 3’s end game. Therefore, your Godroll had to have the best anoint in the game that worked with your build.

Because there are so many anointments in the game, Gearbox Software actually increased the legendary drop rates. This way it was easier for you to get the item that you wanted. However, this actually devalued the legendary items as they dropped like crazy, which didn’t make them special anymore.

Reroll Anoints

Alongside the release of Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut, Gearbox Software released a patch that added a Reroll machine to the base game. When you visit Crazy Earl aboard Sanctuary III, there will be a Reroll contraption in front of his door.

For 250 Eridium you can reroll the anoint on any item. This way can get any anointment on any item that you want. Well, you need to have enough Eridium but there are Eridium Farming Guides.

New Legendary Drop Rates Response

Personally, I’m fine with Gearbox lowering the legenadry world drop rates. It’s awesome you can randomly get one from anything or anyone. But they don’t need to drop from every other enemy you defeated.

That said, there is content that can use an increase of legendary drops. End game content like; Slaughter Domes, Proving Grounds, Takedown, and Big/Raid bosses are things that really challenge you but these things should also really reward you for achieving that goal.

The Reroll machine currently eats through your Eridium because there are a lot of Anoints. Currently, it doesn’t filter out non-relevant anoints. So you can get a Moze Anoint on your weapon while playing Zane. Also, you see the same anoint returning multiple times before you get the one you were actually looking for.


Lower Legendary Drop Rate is good because this will make them special again. You can now focus on the weapon instead of the anoint because you can influence that with Crazy Earl’s Reroll machine. This adjustment only affects the world drops not the dedicated drops. Gearbox still has some balancing to do to make endgame content rewarding.

Gearbox Response

We have a couple weeks of adjustments ahead of us as we dial in everything that was updated in last weeks patch. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Graeme Timmins – Creative Director Borderlands 3 Live Team

This is just the start. It’s only been a week and this takes time so bear with us. Like I said before, we are looking at all aspects of loot drops and we felt this was a good start. More fixes to come.

Mario Rodriguez – Producer Gearbox Software
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