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Borderlands 3 Loot Drops Updated

New Borderlands 3 Loot Locations
New Borderlands 3 Loot Locations

Gearbox Software just released a patch that changed the loot sources for a bunch of legendary items in Borderlands 3. Of course, you want the latest/correct info. Well, I got your back! I updated the popular Farmable Bosses Overview and all the individual items pages up on the site. Don’t worry about the new drop locations, I got it covered. Enjoy your stay and happy farming Vault Hunter!

Loot Drop Change Log:

  • Brood Mother is Now Devoted, BabyMaker, Scourge
  • Baron Noggin is Now Executor and Superball
  • Manvark is Now Flakker and Try Bolt
  • Loot-O-Gram is Now Butcher and Lucians Call
  • GenIVIV is Now Polybius, Reflux, and Ten Gallon
  • Judge Hightower is Now Carrier and Conference Call
  • Sky Bullies is Now Rebel Yell and Hunter Seeker
  • Katagawa Ball is Now Brainstormer and Multi-Tap
  • Private Beans is Now Front Loader and Trevanator
  • Hot Karl is Now Hot Drop (Rocket Launcher), Sledge’s Shotgun, and Pain is Power
  • Rampager is Now The Duc and Good Juju
  • Mother of Gorgans is Now Hornet and Creeping Death
  • Atomic is Now Red Suit, Faisor, and EMP
  • Jabbermogwai Doesn’t Drop Lead Sprinkler Anymore
  • Chupacabratch Doesn’t Drop Hornet Anymore
  • Psychobillies Doesn’t Drop Echo Anymore
  • Enforcer Urist Doesn’t Drop Rough Rider Anymore
  • Tyreen Doesn’t Drop Otto Idol Anymore
  • Warden Doesn’t Drop Wagon Wheel or Sickle Anymore
  • Graveward Doesn’t Drop Moxxi’s Endowment Anymore
  • KillaVolt Doesn’t Drop Transformer or Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair Anymore
  • Handsome Jackie Doesn’t Drop Facepuncher Anymore
  • Heckle and Hyde Don’t Drop Bearcat Anymore
  • Thunk and Sloth Don’t Drop Victory Rush Anymore
  • Rakkman Doesn’t Drop Safeguard Anymore
  • Chonk Stomp Doesn’t Drop Tunguska Anymore
  • Skrakk Now Drops Infiltrator Instead of Barrage
  • Gigamind Doesn’t Drop Hellshock Anymore
  • El Dragon Jr Doesn’t Drop Storm Front Anymore
  • Anointed #2 is Now Execute (M4+) and The Companion
  • Anointed #3 is Now The Companion
  • Anointed #4 is Now Bear Trooper and Sickle
  • Antalope is Now Boring Gun, Impaler, and Huntress
  • Archer Rowe is Now Mind Sweeper and Back Ham
  • Artemis is Now Cosmic Crater and Static Touch
  • Aurelia Doesn’t Drop Widowmaker Anymore
  • Azalea Now is Victory Rush and Rakk Commander
  • Big Donny is Now Crossroad and Safeguard
  • Big Donny Turrey is Now Echo
  • Buttmunch is Now Barrage
  • Captain Traunt Doesn’t Drop Firestorm (Grenade) or Devoted Anymore
  • Tremendous Rex Drops Cold Warrior Instead of Maggie
  • Dreg and Rage Are Now Hunter Seeker and Quadomizer
  • General Traunt Doesn’t Drop Cosmic Crate or Execute Anymore
  • King Bobo is Now Laser Sploder and Headsplosion
  • King Gnasher is Now Westergun and Blast Master
  • Loot Enemies Now Have a Dedicated Source of All World Drop Legendary Items
  • Lt Preston is Now Bounty Hunter and Scorpio
  • Billy the Anointed Doesn’t Drop Gatlin Gun or Warlod Anymore
  • Max Now is Widowmaker
  • Mincemeat is Now Tunguska
  • Muldock is Now Facepuncher and Rectifier
  • Queen AntWanette is Now Transformer and Warlord
  • Rachel the Anointed is Now Otto Idol and Techspert
  • Rax is Now Messy Breakup
  • Red Jabber is Now Storm and Rough Rider
  • Sheega is Now Gatlin Gun and Commander Planetoid
  • Shiv is Now Ripper and Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
  • Sylvestro Doesn’t Drop Laser Sploder or Rectifier Anymore
  • Tink Train is Now Wagon Wheel and Moxxi’s Endowment
  • Hag of Fervor Doesn’t Drop Bounty Hunter Anymore
  • Sera of Supremency Doesn’t Drop Cold Warrior or Rakk Commander Anymore
  • Arbalest of Discipline Doesn’t Drop Rocketeer, Techspert, or Blast Master Anymore
  • Tyrant of Instinct Doesn’t Drop Bear Trooper or Infiltrator Anymore
  • Skag of Survival Doesn’t Drop Executor Anymore
  • Tink of Cunning Doesn’t Drop DE4DEYE or Mindsweeper Anymore
  • Troy Doesn’t Drop Back Ham Anymore
  • Trufflemunch is Now Bearcat
  • Tumorhead is Now Krakatoa and Rocketeer
  • Turnkey Tim is Now Maggie and Shooting Star
  • Undertaker is Now Wisp and Storm Front
  • Vermilingua is Now Hellshock and Tsunami
  • Vice is Now DE4DEYE
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