Mayhem Mode Brings Borderlands 3 to a new level

Borderlands 3 introduces mayhem mode to add additional challenges and rewards to the end game.
Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode
Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode

What is Mayhem Mode?

Mayhem mode is basically a difficulty modifier that lets you crank up the difficulty. By doing so, you will be rewarded with bonus cash, Eridium, XP, and better loot.

How does Mayhem Mode work?

You unlock mayhem mode at the end of the main story campaign. Aboard your spaceship, Sanctuary 3, will be a special terminal. Here you can enable 1 of the 3 mayhem modes. Each level of mayhem will change up the rules of the game. As enemies will gain new strengths and weaknesses. You will need to work your way up to mayhem mode level 3 because when you start at that level, enemies will insta-kill you.

How does Mayhem Mode change the game?

Mayhem mode has 3 difficulty tiers, each tier has its own risk-reward settings. And to spicy things up, they each also have new enemy classes.  Normally you would have an enemy and a badass version of that enemy. The badass version has a bit more health and dealt a bit more damage. The new versions get additional modifiers like being resistant to fire damage for example. These enemy classes are being thrown into the mix forcing you to change up your strategy.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode Terminal

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode Terminal

The percentage numbers below are there to give you an indication of the modes and are not the stats that will ship with the game.

Mayhem Mode I

  • Loot Quality: increased by 100%
  • Experience/Eridium/Cash: increased by 200%
  • Enemy Health: increased by 15%
  • Enemy Shields and Armor: increased by 25%

Mayhem Mode II

  • Loot Quality: increased by 300%
  • Experience/Eridium/Cash: increased by 500%
  • Enemy Health: increased by 50%
  • Enemy Shields and Armor: increased by 75%

Mayhem Mode III

  • Loot Quality: increased by 500%
  • Experience/Eridium/Cash: increased by 900%
  • Enemy Health: increased by 100%
  • Enemy Shields and Armor: increased by 150%

Mayhem Mode IV

  • Loot Quality: increased by xxx%
  • Experience/Eridium/Cash: increased by xxx%
  • Enemy Health: increased by xxx%
  • Enemy Shields and Armor: increased by xxx%
  • Exclusive Legendary Items: Yes.

Why do you want to play Mayhem Mode?

There is always a risk vs reward appeal that makes games interesting. This is especially true if there are cool rewards you can gain.

  • More cash – better gear is more expensive. Vending machines always have an item of the day that’s always above average and can even be legendary.
  • More Eridium – you are going to need this rare currency to get sweet sweet loot from crazy earl. If you cool cosmetic items or if you want to check out that veteran rewards vending machine just outside Earl’s door that’s packed with anointed gear.
  • More XP – when you unlock mayhem mode you also unlock guardian rank. You need xp to gain tokens which you can use to unlock buffs and other cool stuff within guardian rank.
  • Better Loot – with Mayhem mode active you will also find gear that is of higher rarity and are more likely to be anointed.

Mayhem Mode 2.0

After community feedback, Gearbox Software is looking into Mayhem Mode and are making adjustments to make it more entertaining and appealing to play the game with Mayhem Mode enabled. A game like Borderlands 3 needs to have great end-game content and Gearbox wants to deliver on that. More news about Mayhem Mode 2.0 will be coming in 2020.

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