Borderlands 3 might expand on current Vault Hunters

Vault hunter Upgrade Packs - Borderlands 3
Vault hunter Upgrade Packs - Borderlands 3

On Twitter, Randy Pitchford (President of Gearbox Software) talks about expanding the capabilities of the current Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters.  When he was asked if we would see any additional playable Vault Hunters as DLC, Randy replied with an interesting proposition.  Instead of extending the playable character roster, the heroes would gain new skills and abilities. According to Randy Pitchford, the data seems to support this.

Extending vs New Vault Hunters

Personally, I fall into the category of sticking with 1 or 2 vault hunters. I invested a lot of time into that character and trying to collect everything again seems like a big chore to me. Yes, I don’t have as much time as I used to have to play video games. So being able to pick up and play my current character and continue to level him up would be something that would appeal to me. With Battleborn I only played like 5 characters on a regular basis and that game contained 30 playable heroes.

I know without DLC heroes we wouldn’t have the awesome character like; Gaige, Krieg, Jack, and Aurelia. While I like that Gearbox adds new heroes, I personally always stick with my “first choice”. I know there are a lot of super fans that play all of the characters, however, I don’t think this is for everyone.  Let me know in the comments or social media if you played all the heroes or also stick with 1 or 2 characters.

Vault hunter Upgrade Packs

Currently, all the playable Vault Hunters have multiple actions skills. So it is not strange to add another one to the mix. This would provide you and me with new ways to play and spec out our character. So if an upgrade pack comes with:

  • a new  action skill for each character
  • a new skill tree for each character
  • a level cap increased

I think this would keep you and me engaged and play the game even longer. If there is also some new playable content like new missions that would be a good incentive to pick up the upgrade and start your level grind. This option of expanding on the current characters is probably more cost effective for Gearbox instead of having to make a whole new character from scratch. During the Borderlands 3 reveal event, I heard that the amount of dialogue for each hero is even more than what they did for Battleborn.


While expanding on the current Vault Hunters might be a good fit for me, I’m not everyone. I wouldn’t mind seeing that Gearbox Software and 2K Games extend the playable character roster.  Adding new heroes has resulted in reigniting the player base in the past.

But once again, Let me know in the comments or social media if you played all the heroes or also stick with 1 or 2 characters.

Let Me Know What You Think

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  1. Magisterial_Sixx 🏁

    I played with 4 characters, two original and two dlc

  2. Achille

    I prefer the idea of new characters more than adding content on previous ones. I feel like I would be m…

  3. JimRaven

    Its a thing of mine, i always play ALL chars a game has to offer. Well unless we are talking like a hug…

  4. Cyndi Bell

    I know it’s most likely not gonna happen, but can you imagine if we’ll not only get to play as the new vault hunters, but ALLLLL the previous ones as well? Which, I mean, that wouldn’t even make sense because some of them are dead! Shenanigans, I tell you!

  5. PP TheMainLogic 🐝 🇱🇷

    I’ve played them all

  6. Kenny Howlett

    Axton, Krieg, and Gaige are my go-to characters. I play the other 3 on rare occasions

  7. Sal Salerno

    I mostly stick with the Sirens. On a rare occasion I’ll play a different character. But then only for a…

  8. Generick

    I’ve been a 1-2 characters sort of guy, but I think that’s to do with coming into the series late. I wa…

  9. Beto O’Rourke doing the Chika

    I always play all the characters although I’ve never picked a DLC one as my main

  10. Sam

    Played them ALL. Zero, roland and clap were my least favorite to play but I’ve played them all. I enjoy trying them all out.

  11. Laurent Nguyen

    To me, trying different characters is a fun challenge, cos it forces you to adapt your playstyle and st…

  12. Psychogold

    I’ve played all the classes across all 3 games and as much as I’m interested in the idea of expanding t…

  13. Luca Mercuri

    id rather have new ones.

  14. Jenn Graham

    I’m a siren player but have briefly tried a few other chars. Playing Mordie now and started to enjoy Br…

  15. CHoward 1999

    I have mainly stuck w krieg in borderlands 2 and in bl1 I stick with Lilith and in pre sequel I stick with jack

  16. blinvir Gaming

    I’ve played almost all of them just to get a feel of if they matched how I wanted to play.
    Though with…

  17. MikalZenhiro

    I started with Axton but took all six Vault Hunters to Level 72. With the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced I…

  18. ArtemisCai

    I mostly stick with one or two. Mordecai in original, Zero and Gaige in two. Aurelia and Nisha in Pre-Sequel.

  19. ClayzerNexus

    Definitely tried them all but I come back to Salvador everytime 🙂

  20. artsdiscern

    Played em all

  21. 4IAmSamantha 🍒

    Played as most of them. Couple of them never appealed to me but most of them and would love a set@of BL3 DLC chars

  22. owlontour

    With 500h+ in borderlands 3 I only played Zer0 and Axton 😀 (+ about 10h of Maya recently)

  23. Luca Mercuri

    If the game is so big like they said, it would make sense to have the current gen of hunter to recive update in skill tree etc, but at the same time id like to see what gearbox can bring on the plate as a new charachter(krieg was awesome). I used most of the time zer0 , finished almost 20 or more campaign, and if i could have ad more levels to reach and more expansion for him it would have been better. ( after the 10th run it felt repetitive ahahah)

  24. Tisenalt

    While it would be nice I still vastly prefer new characters.

  25. I like the idea of having more growth in terms of skills in the existing characters but definitely want more Vault Hunters. (I played them all in all of the games.)

  26. I played all the Vault Hunters in all the games. While expanding the skills of existing VH’s sounds really good to me I would still like more VH’s.

  27. DrIvanRadosivic

    I prefer new characters, for more Borderladns humor.

    In your example of you playing 5 out of 30 Battle…


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