Borderlands 3 ‘One Tree Skill’ Community Challenge

The Challenge

Triple G has a new community challenge. Can you beat the Maliwan Takedown by just using One Skill Tree? This challenge will run from Jan 2nd till Jan 17th, 2021. Record your run and submit it to Triple G on Twitter or Discord. That way you have the chance to rank on the leaderboard and this time around there are multiple categories for which you can qualify for. Good luck!


  1. No glitches, exploits, or skips. Skips focusing on map skips such as over the turrets or skipping the bridge. Skipping the Valkyrie phase by doing damage is ok.
  2. No Complex Root.
  3. No use of the ‘Action Skill Start’ anoint or Infiltrator Class Mod when paired with a Nova shield or Stop Gap.
  4. No Rocket Launchers.
  5. Solo runs only.
  6. No Deaths.
  7. You can only spend your skill points in 1 skill tree, you do not have to spend all points.
  8. Augments can only be selected from the same tree you have spend skill points on.
  9. You are permitted to use any Class Mod even if it has points from other trees.
  10. Base Actions Skills are permitted from any tree irrespective of which tree you have applied skill points.
  11. Guardian Rank Perk ‘Groundbreaker’ needs to be disabled.
  12. Must be on Mayhem 11.
  13. All Gear, Skill Trees, and Guardian Rank must be shown either before or after the completed run and be in one recording.
  14. No Mods or 3rd Party Software that affects the game.


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