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Borderlands 3 Q&A by PC Gamer

Creative director Paul Sage answers community questions about Borderlands 3 at the PC Gaming Show

During the PC Gaming Show, Creative director, Paul Sage answers several community questions about Borderlands 3. Here is an overview of all the questions with links to additional resources on those topics.

  • Who is Moze?
    • Moze is one of the playable characters, she can pilot a big Mech called Iron Bear. She has multiple action skills that you can equip on Iron Bear. You can upgrade your mech with miniguns, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers.
  • What can you tell us about loot?
    • With Grenades, we are combining the various attributes. Previously grenades could eighter bounce, stick, or lob. Now we can do all those things on a single grenade.
    • We have shields that now can extend out.
    • Class Mods can give you skills and enhance the ones you currently have.
  • What are the artifacts?
    • An artifact can now also add things to your movement. For example; you can slide faster, and further, and/or an explosion will happen if you slide into things.
  • What kind of end-game content will there be?
    • We doubled down on the Badass Rank from previous games.  Therefore we now have Guardian Rank which gives you various rewards.
  • How do you guys handle the boss fights this time around?
    • We have a lot of bosses in the game. You will encounter mini-bosses but there will also be big multi-phase bosses.
  • How will you be handling multiplayer?
    • Seamless drop-in / drop-out multiplayer.
  • Can I pet the gun?
    • You do you
  • Is Maya’s companion a Siren?
    • You are asking the right questions
  • Will Tiny Tina be fighting aside vault hunters?
    • Yes
  • What is the level cap at launch?
  • Will we see FL4K?
    • Yes
  • Will we see Golden Keys and Shift Codes?
  • Will there be duals?
    • Yes
  • Will there be other kinds of PvP modes?
    • Yes/No/Maybe
  • Will you be able to transfer weapons between characters?
    • Yes, right from the start
  • When is Borderlands 3 coming out?
    • Friday 13th, September 2019
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