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Borderlands 3 Q&A by PC Gamer

Borderlands 3 Q&A - PC Gaming Show 2019
Creative director Paul Sage answers community questions about Borderlands 3 at the PC Gaming Show

During the PC Gaming Show, Creative director, Paul Sage answers several community questions about Borderlands 3.

  • Who is Moze?
    • She is one of the playable characters, Moze can pilot a big Mech called Iron Bear. She has multiple action skills that you can equip on Iron Bear. You can upgrade your mech with miniguns, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers.
  • What can you tell us about loot?
    • With Grenades, we are combining the various attributes. Previously grenades could eighter bounce, stick, or lob. Now we can do all those things on a single grenade.
    • We have shields that now can extend out.
    • Class Mods can give you skills and enhance the ones you currently have.
  • What are the artifacts?
    • An artifact can now also add things to your movement. For example; you can slide faster, further, and/or an explosion will happen if you slide into things.
  • What kind of end game content will there be?
    • We doubled down on the Badass Rank from previous games.  Therefore we now have Guardian Rank which gives you various rewards.
  • How do you guys handle the boss fights this time around?
    • We have a lot of bosses in the game. You will encounter mini-bosses but there will also be big multi-phase bosses.
  • How will you be handling multiplayer?
    • Seamless drop-in / drop-out multiplayer.
  • Can I pet the gun?
    • You do you
  • Is Maya’s companion a Siren?
    • You are asking the right questions
  • Will Tiny Tina be fighting aside vault hunters?
    • Yes
  • What is the level cap at launch?
    • 50
  • Will we see FL4K?
    • Yes
  • Will we see Golden Keys and Shift Codes?
  • Will there be duals?
    • Yes
  • Will there be other kinds of PvP modes?
    • Yes/No/Maybe
  • Will you be able to transfer weapons between characters?
    • Yes, right from the start
  • When is Borderlands 3 coming out?
    • Friday 13th, September 2019
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