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Borderlands 3 Receives Villain Cosmetics

Borderlands 3 Free Villain Cosmetics
Borderlands 3 Free Villain Cosmetics

Gearbox Software dropped a collection of villain cosmetics for Borderlands 3 during the Month of Mayhem celebrations. These items came alongside a new Patch for the game that fixes several bugs and promotes the Pandora’s Box collection.

These new cosmetics are free and will show up in the Quick Change Station. They honor villains from Borderlands 3 but also from previous games and there are some deep callbacks to the classic Borderlands games.

You will also find some additional cosmetics at Crazy Earl’s shop. These aren’t new items but Gearbox Software added these to the store as they were difficult to obtain. So start farming Eridium to get ALL these cosmetics.

Borderlands 3 Villains Cosmetics
Borderlands 3 Villains Cosmetics


Item NameLore
Captain’s CapCaptain’s Scarlet’s hat from the Borderlands 2 Pirate DLC
Face of BossBecome Killavolt from Borderlands 3
Stoic SentinelBecome the final boss from Borderlands the Pre-Sequel
Undead DocBecome Dr. Ned from Borderlands 1’s Zombi Island DLC


Item NameLore
Crimson TrimA skin that goes with the Captain’s Cap
KillavogueA skin that goes with the Killavolt head
Empyrean ExteriorA skin that goes with the Sentinel’s head
Ned’s ThreadsA skin that goes with the Dr. Ned head


Item NameLore
Pocket KnoxxSmall doll of General Knoxx, the main villain in Borderlands 1’s third DLC
War and MouthpieceTrinket of Mouthpiece’s helmet, Borderlands 3’s first story boss
Freddie’s TreadiesA small sneaker from Freddie, a traitor in the Borderlands 3 Handsome Jackpot DLC
Steele AppealA Commandant Steele trinket, the main villain from Borderlands (1)

Weapon Skin

Item NameLore
Cult of the BlamA COV weapon skin

Echo Skin

Item NameLore
COVoIPA COV Echo skin
Ex Dahl Me MaybeVine Echo Skin
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