Borderlands 3 Reveal Event Interviews

During the Borderlands 3 reveal event, a lot of media and influencers were able to interview the Gearbox Software developers. In this article, you will find a selection of interviews that I think are newsworthy and you should check out. There are a lot of good questions in these interviews. I did make a little summary of the questions that are in each video. Enjoy!

Borderlands 3 – Producer Talks Weapons, Story & More

  • Description of the gameplay demo
  • Sanctuary III the HUB city, space travel
  • Which system got improved?
  • New Radiation element
  • New Co-op Features: loot instancing, level balancing.
  • Will we see how Troy loses his arm?
  • How much time has past since the last Borderlands and what’s going on?
  • What are some of the new weapons types you guys are introducing?

Borderlands 3: New Features, Tech, and DLC Plans! – Electric Playground Interview!

  • How has the Borderlands 3 reveal felt for you?
  • What makes this game feel new?
  • Who are these two new Vault Hunters?
  • Are we getting new vehicles? (vehicle customization)
  • What sets Borderlands 3 visually apart from the other games?
  • How well does Borderlands 3 compete with other looter-shooters?
  •  How does Gearbox look at post-launch content?
  • Did you guys expect that Borderlands would blow up like this?
  • What do you think will surprise the fans the most?

Borderlands 3 Interview: Senior Producer Anthony Nicholson

  • How do you follow up on Handsome Jack?
  • What were the quality of life improvements you guys really wanted to do?
  • Is trading coming back to the game?
  • How well did the Tales from the Borderlands characters fit into Borderlands 3?
  • What is hard to come up with new guns after 3 games?
  • How unique will the various areas be?
  • Are we getting more new weapon skins and how does the golden skin work?

Borderlands 3 Angry Interview! (w/ Delrith)

  • How long have you guys been working on Borderlands 3?
  • What separates this game from the previous games in the series?
  • How many planets will there be in the game?
  • How different will the game be if you play as different characters?
  • What separates the characters design wise?
  • Is loot going to instance, what other co-op features will there be?
  • What will the micro-transactions look like in Borderlands 3?
  • How much larger is Borderlands 3 compared to the other games?

Borderlands 3 | END GAME INFO – Gearbox Devs Talk New Changes, ‘Big’ Bosses And Guardian Ranks!

Today we are talking end game for Borderlands 3 and a few things that the devs said to me in an interview that gives us a lot more information. We go over how Borderlands has evolved with the looter shooter genre, how they've poised and prepared themselves for end game and also boss mechanics and how some bosses will have serious 'WoW-Esque' Raid mechanics that if done badly, will get you killed.
  • How did the looter-shooter genre evolve?
  • How does Borderlands 3 handle repeatable missions?
  • How are you guys going handle end game?
  • Bosses seem to have more mechanics.
  • Will there be raid-like bosses?
  • Will I be making boss guides?
  • Guardian Rank

BORDERLANDS 3 | Developer Interview – Campaign Length, End Game, Brand Loyalty & More!

  • How does Borderlands 3 fit into the evolving “looter-shooter” space?
  • Is there a way to play Borderlands 3 in a more cyclical manner, akin to the way games as a service are played weekly?
  • Are there any ambient activities you can do alongside the main missions in game?
  • How long is the campaign?
  • Will there be story quests & narrative options with NPCs on Sanctuary III?
  • Is there more to “Brand Loyalty”,  Can we expect to see set bonuses?
  • How many pets can FL4K have?
  • Would you ever consider larger scale content for groups bigger than 4 players?
  • How does the level-sync work in combat?
  • How do you top Handsome Jack?
  • Are there going to be any new weapon rarities?
  • Can we mod weapons?

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