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Borderlands 3 Reveal Event Interviews

Borderlands 3 Reveal Event Interviews
Borderlands 3 Reveal Event Interviews

During the Borderlands 3 reveal event, a lot of media and influencers were able to interview the Gearbox Software developers. In this article, you will find a selection of Borderlands 3 interviews that I think are newsworthy and you should check out. There are a lot of good questions in these interviews. I did make a little summary of the questions that are in each video. Enjoy!

Borderlands 3 Producer Talks Weapons, Story & More

Borderlands 3 - Producer Talks Weapons, Story & More
  • Description of the gameplay demo
  • Sanctuary III the HUB city, space travel
  • Which system got improved?
  • New Radiation element
  • New Co-op Features: loot instancing, level balancing.
  • Will we see how Troy loses his arm?
  • How much time has passed since the last Borderlands and what’s going on?
  • What are some of the new weapons types you guys are introducing?

Borderlands 3 Interview by Electric Playground: New Features, Tech, and DLC Plans!

Borderlands 3: New Features, Tech, and DLC Plans! - Electric Playground Interview!
  • How has the Borderlands 3 reveal felt for you?
  • What makes this game feel new?
  • Who are these two new Vault Hunters?
  • Are we getting new vehicles? (vehicle customization)
  • What sets Borderlands 3 visually apart from the other games?
  • How well does Borderlands 3 compete with other looter-shooters?
  • How does Gearbox look at post-launch content?
  • Did you guys expect that Borderlands would blow up like this?
  • What do you think will surprise the fans the most?

Borderlands 3 Interview with Senior Producer Anthony Nicholson

Borderlands 3 Interview: Senior Producer Anthony Nicholson
  • How do you follow up on Handsome Jack?
  • What were some of the quality of life improvements you guys really wanted to do?
  • Is trading coming back to the game?
  • How well did the Tales from the Borderlands characters fit into Borderlands 3?
  • What is hard to come up with new guns after 3 games?
  • How unique will the various areas be?
  • Are we getting more new weapon skins and how does the golden skin work?

Borderlands 3 Angry Interview with Delrith and Randy Varnell

Borderlands 3 Angry Interview! (w/ Delrith)
  • How long have you guys been working on Borderlands 3?
  • What separates this game from the previous games in the series?
  • How many planets will there be in the game?
  • How different will the game be if you play as different characters?
  • What separates the characters design-wise?
  • Is loot going to instance, what other co-op features will there be?
  • What will the micro-transactions look like in Borderlands 3?
  • How much larger is Borderlands 3 compared to the other games?

Borderlands 3 Devs Talk New Changes, ‘Big’ Bosses, And Guardian Ranks!

Borderlands 3 | Gearbox Give New Info On ENDGAME, 'Big' Bosses And Guardian Ranks!
  • How did the looter-shooter genre evolve?
  • How does Borderlands 3 handle repeatable missions?
  • How are you guys going to handle the end-game?
  • Bosses seem to have more mechanics.
  • Will there be raid-like bosses?
  • Will I be making boss guides?
  • Guardian Rank

Borderlands 3 Developer Interview About Campaign Length, End Game, Brand Loyalty & More!

BORDERLANDS 3 | Developer Interview - Campaign Length, End Game, Brand Loyalty & More!
  • How does Borderlands 3 fit into the evolving “looter-shooter” space?
  • Is there a way to play Borderlands 3 in a more cyclical manner, akin to the way games as a service are played weekly?
  • Are there any ambient activities you can do alongside the main missions in the game?
  • How long is the campaign?
  • Will there be story quests & narrative options with NPCs on Sanctuary III?
  • Is there more to “Brand Loyalty”,  Can we expect to see set bonuses?
  • How many pets can FL4K have?
  • Would you ever consider larger-scale content for groups bigger than 4 players?
  • How does the level-sync work in combat?
  • How do you top Handsome Jack?
  • Are there going to be any new weapon rarities?
  • Can we mod weapons?
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