Gearbox recruiting for Borderlands 3 at PaxSouth

Borderlands 3 Featured Image4 by MentalMars
Borderlands 3 Featured Image4 by MentalMars

At Pax South during the Q&A session the Development team got asked when we will be seeing borderlands 3. Gearbox software’s CEO Randy Pitchford responded to the question by giving the crowd a big tease. The honest awnser was that they don’t know when it will be done. But it would be possible if you attented the main gearbox panel that they might have something more te reveal.

Randy Pitchford teases Borderlands 3

So borderlands fans where hyped up to go to the gearbox panel at pax south. But like always time is short and they didn’t got to the point where they could continue the discussion about borderlands 3. So Randy Pitchford said that the undiscussed topics would be move over to the borderlands panel. Talking about the past,present and future of the borderlands franchise.

So during the borderlands panel the development team is getting on topic about borderlands 3. And randy talks about how the team has grown during the development of the borderlands games. As the serie continues the team has expanded. And for a borderlands 3 that would mean that the team needs to evolve once again. So to be able to create borderlands 3 gearbox software needs more staff members. So if you got any gamedesign related skills you can help out creating the next installment of the borderlands franchise. Gearbox is ready to get production started. So no big unveil with screenshots of Alpha footage. But borderlands 3 is coming. Only not any time soon.

The Reveal

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I know i have been writing some blog post about the announcements Gearbox Software is going to do at Pax South 2015. Speculation was going on about a the schedule that was on the PaxSouth website.  This is what it said.

This is your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Gearbox Software and get the latest news and updates on Borderlands and upcoming Gearbox titles!  We will have never-before-seen reveals, exclusives and surprises, so don’t miss out!

To sum up my response to the whole speculation: Borderlands 3 is not going to be announced.  But Yesterday there was a Q&A panel  in the Gearbox Theater. And one Borderlands fan asked if and when we will see Borderlands 3 ?  Strangely the question was not shot down but Randy Pitchford gave a tease, suggesting more info about it on the Main Panel that’s being held on PaxSouth at the Main Theater.

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