Borderlands 3 Roadmap Reveals Additional Content

Borderlands 3 Fall / Winter 2019 Roadmap
Borderlands 3 Fall / Winter 2019 Roadmap

Bloody Harvest Event

The first event that we can expect is the “Bloody Harvest Event”. This sounds like the Borderlands Halloween event is returning to Borderlands 3. So expect some spooky activities and unique event rewards in October.

Maliwan Takedown

In Borderlands 2 you had these invincible bosses that were designed to take on with a group of Vault Hunters. Back then these missions were called a Raid, however, the definition of a raid has changed over the course of time. Therefore these missions are now defined as ‘Takedown’. The second free content update is called Maliwan Takedown. This includes an all-new map where you will encounter new enemies and a new boss. You will be able to earn new powerful rewards during the Maliwan Takedown, which will be playable November 2019.

Story Campaign DLC1

After these 2 free pieces of content, there is the first paid DLC that’s part of the Borderlands 3 Season Pass. This will be the first major story campaign add-on, which will probably be released during the holidays. While Gearbox and 2K haven’t given out any details about this could be a good opportunity to bring back some of the characters that didn’t make it into the main game.

During an interview with ki11six, creative director Paul Sage confirmed that Gaige will not be in the base game of Borderlands 3. However, Paul added that these DLCs would be great opportunities to bring back everyone favorite character into the Borderlands 3 timeline.

Randy Pitchford mentioned that they have set the bar high for these campaign add-ons. He said to expect the same high bar as their best previous DLCs. To me personally, and I think for many other Borderlands fans, that would be Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. The Bunkers & Badasses DLC that they made for Borderlands 2. I would love to see something like that, where you play in this different reality. Basically, Gearbox turning the Borderlands toybox upsidedown and having fun with their game.

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