Borderlands 3 Roadmap For 2020

Borderlands 3 Roadmap 2020
Borderlands 3 Roadmap 2020

Borderlands 3 Roadmap For 2020

Gearbox Software and 2K Games have a lot of content planned for Borderlands 3 in 2020. Last year, we already gotten a taste of what to expect. We had the Bloody Harvest Event, The Maliwan Takedown, and Moxxi’s Heist on Handsome Jackpot. This year we can look forward to a lot more cool stuff for Borderlands 3.

3 Story Campaign Add-ons

Gearbox Software is going to deliver the remaining season pass content this year. The season pass would include 4 story campaign add-ons and we already received the first one, Moxxi’s Heist on Handsome Jackpot. This means we still have 3 more Story Campaigns Add-ons to look forward to. There haven’t been any official announcements about their release date or theme, yet. We do know that all the season pass content will be delivered by September 2020. If you would literally break down it down, there would be a new DLC every 3 months. On in March, June, and Septemeber.

Expanding Characters

While previous Borderlands games always received new Vault Hunters as post-launch content. Gearbox Software is going to deviate from that in Borderlands 3. According to the data the majority of the players stick with their first Vault Hunter and don’t play with the remaining characters. Therefore, Randy Pitchford mentioned on twitter that they would like to expand the current characters. Give them new ways to play. They can do this by adding new gear to the game or add new actions skills and skill trees to the current Vault Hunters.

Level Cap Increase

There will be a level cap increase, this was confirmed by Randy Varnell during one of his interviews. While he couldn’t exactly tell when this was going to happen but he could tell us it was on the roadmap. It also wasn’t mentioned how many skill points they would add to the game. With Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software added 11 skill points with each level cap increase. If they also add new skill trees to each of the characters, then this can diversify your build a lot. Also, no date has been provided for this content but if we look back at Borderlands 2 again, then we can expect this somewhere after 6 months after the game’s release. This would be around March 2020 in this case.

Update: With the February 13th patch you will be able to level up to level 53 and get 3 more skill points. The second story campaign add-on will also include a level cap increase.

New TakeDowns & Seasonal Events

It has also been mentioned that they will add new events to Borderlands 3. These can be permanent events like the Maliwan Takedown or seasonal events like the Bloody Harvest. Gearbox Software has always done something around Valentine’s Day and Saint Patricks Day. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see themed events around those holidays. Gearbox didn’t add Maurice just for the Halloween event. Gearbox Software knows they have to focus on end-game content and Takedowns are their answer to the hardcore audience.

  • Update:
    • New Broken Hearts Day event is going live on Febr.13th
    • True Takedown Mode allows you to toggle the difficulty between solo or ultimate badass mode. This goes live in the February patch.

Mayhem Mode 2.0

Gearbox Software is working on a new version of Mayhem Mode. This will get UI support, new Mayhem Modifiers that change gameplay more dramatically, Mayhem playlists, new rewards, and additional levels of Mayhem to work through. New info about Mayhem 2.0 will be released when we get a little closer to its release.

Update: Mayhem Mode 2.0 will focus on buffs only instead of nerfing your character. Mayhem Mode 2.0 is scheduled to go live in March.

Skippable Cutscenes

Skippable in-game cutscenes are coming soon! Gearbox is in the process of testing this feature now, and it will launch in the upcoming February patch. All cutscenes in the game, whether you’ve seen the cutscene before or not, will be skippable during solo play or by the host of your party during multiplayer.


Coming in the February patch, you will be able to disable Guardian Rank or individually specific Perks. New perk are also coming to Guardian Rank system. These We are looking to introduce these new Perks in tandem with the second campaign add-on, but they will not be tied to that content.


Fight for Your Life is a big part of the co-op experience, and Gearbox has identified a few ways that they like to improve the system. Specifically, they are looking at increasing the interaction radius between players, telegraphing revives to other players more clearly, and allowing multiple players to contribute to a revive. They expect to have this available in March.


Gearbox is hoping to introduce a Moxxi-themed Event, which they first teased during Guardian Con 2019, that would let you mix up buff- or debuff-inducing cocktails for the streamer using Twitch Bits. They are aiming to have this ready for the ECHOcast Twitch Extension in March.

More Balance and Performance improvements

Gearbox is always looking to improve the game’s balance and performance. More improvements are always in the works.

Borderlands 3 Roadmap For 2019

Borderlands 3 Fall / Winter 2019 Roadmap

Borderlands 3 Fall / Winter 2019 Roadmap

Bloody Harvest Event

The first event that we can expect is the “Bloody Harvest Event“. This sounds like the Borderlands Halloween event is returning to Borderlands 3. So expect some spooky activities and unique event rewards in October.

Maliwan Takedown

In Borderlands 2 you had these invincible bosses that were designed to take on with a group of Vault Hunters. Back then these missions were called a Raid, however, the definition of a raid has changed over the course of time. Therefore these missions are now defined as ‘Takedown’. The second free content update is called Maliwan Takedown. This includes an all-new map where you will encounter new enemies and a new boss. You will be able to earn new powerful rewards during the Maliwan Takedown, which will be playable November 2019.

Story Campaign DLC1

After these 2 free pieces of content, there is the first paid DLC that’s part of the Borderlands 3 Season Pass. This will be the first major story campaign add-on, which will probably be released during the holidays. While Gearbox and 2K haven’t given out any details about this could be a good opportunity to bring back some of the characters that didn’t make it into the main game.

During an interview with ki11six, creative director Paul Sage confirmed that Gaige will not be in the base game of Borderlands 3. However, Paul added that these DLCs would be great opportunities to bring back everyone’s favorite character into the Borderlands 3 timeline.

Randy Pitchford mentioned that they have set the bar high for these campaign add-ons. He said to expect the same high bar as their best previous DLCs. To me personally, and I think for many other Borderlands fans, that would be Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. The Bunkers & Badasses DLC that they made for Borderlands 2. I would love to see something like that, where you play in this different reality. Basically, Gearbox turning the Borderlands toybox upsidedown and having fun with their game.

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