Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut Gets Delayed

Borderlands 3 The Director's Cut DLC6 Delayed

DLC6 Delayed:

In a letter to the community, Gearbox Software announced that they had to delay The Director’s Cut for Borderlands 3.  DLC6 is pushed back by 3 weeks to April 8, 2021, because of the challenges the studio had to go through.

Originally DLC6 would come out this month but last month the team in Texas had to face extreme weather conditions and multiple power outages.  Therefore, the developers weren’t able to work on the game and reach that quality bar they are aiming for. Some developers even had to save their homes because the water pipes froze and burst with the water flooding their homes.

Message from Gearbox about the Delay of Borderlands 3 Directors Cut

Message from Gearbox about the Delay of Borderlands 3 Directors Cut

Borderlands 3 The Director’s Cut:

The Director’s Cut for Borderlands 3 adds a lot of cool things to the game. We are finally getting a Raid Boss. Hemivorous the Invincible is a giant Varkid that awaits us behind the door. The door? YES, THE DOOR! Then we have Ava’s Murder Mysteries. Go on a series of missions throughout the universe with Ava and friends to solve murder mysteries. With DLC6 you will also be getting Vault Cards. These challenges let you unlock SWEET SWEET LOOT!

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