Borderlands 3 Vault Cards add Special Challenges and Unique Rewards

Borderlands 3 - Fallen Heroes - Vault Card
Borderlands 3 - Fallen Heroes - Vault Card

Borderlands 3 Vault Cards

Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut will come with 3 Vault Cards. These cards will provide you with different challenges. By completing these you will earn XP that also goes towards your Vault Card. By doing so you will be able to unlock unique cosmetics and exclusive gear.

There will be over 100 different challenges for you to complete. Daily challenges are easy to complete while weekly challenges are challenging to complete.

  • Daily
    • Kill a specific named enemy
    • Kill 30 enemies with a vehicle
    • Complete Slaughter Star 3000
  • Weekly
    • Kill 300 enemies with a specific elemental damage type
    • Kill 5 Raid Bosses

You will find these Vault Cards in your menu as they will get a dedicated tab.  You can only have 1 Vault Card active at a time. There is no time limit on these Vault Cards so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Fallen Heroes Vault Card

The first Vault Card is themed around the fallen heroes in Borderlands and will be available at the release of the Director’s Cut. The other two vault cards will become available later on in the year.

Fallen Heroes Vault Card - Borderlands 3 DLC6

Fallen Heroes Vault Card – Borderlands 3 DLC6

  • Legendary Gear
    • Jakobs Sniper Rifle
    • Hyperion Shotgun
    • COV Launcher
    • Ashin Shield
  • Weapon Skins
    • Siren Tattoo Glow
    • Catch-a-Ride Themed
    • Eridian Markings
  • Room Decorations
    • Bloodwing Statue
    • Maya’s Book
    • Photo of Roland and Tiny Tina
  • New Trinkets
    • Roland’s Turret
    • Scooter’s Cap
    • Typhon Deleon’s beacon
    • Maya’s Siren Wings
  • New Skins
    • Skin #1
    • Skin #2
    • Skin #3
    • Skin #4
  • New Heads
    • FL4K gets Scooter’s cap
    • Moze gets Typhon Deleon’s googles
    • Zane gets Roland’s baret
    • Amara gets Maya’s hood
  • Echo Skins
    • Scooter Themed
    • Crimson Raider Themed
    • Siren Tattoo Themed
    • Eridian Markings


I haven’t been able to play with this yet but this sounds awesome! The concept of Vault Cards is something that you would find in a ‘Games as Service’ type game.  Gearbox Software has been supporting Borderlands 3 like a Service Game while actually being an Offline Game.

This first Vault Card is just pure fan-service. The theme is great and I love everything about it! Now I’m curious what those new legendary weapons will do.

If you don’t know what to do during the endgame of Borderlands or are looking for specific challenges to complete these Vault Cards provide you with a goal.

Now I’m curious what the theme is for the other 2 Vault Cards.

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