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Borderlands 3 will be the biggest game in the franchise

Gearbox Software President, Randy Pitchford, gave a few more info drops. He could confirm that Borderlands 3 will be the biggest game in the franchise to date. When fans asked about the map size or end game content, Randy shared some awesome details with us.
Borderlands Bigger Than Ever
Borderlands Bigger Than Ever

We already know that we will be traveling to different worlds in Borderlands 3.  During the trailers, we can see a lot of beautiful locations. When Randy Pitchford was asked about the map sizes of Borderlands 3 he responded that the sizes may vary depending on the location. Some areas are bigger and some are smaller, however, the overall game is a lot bigger than past games in the Borderlands franchise.

This is great news because who doesn’t want more Borderlands in their life? I’m looking forward to exploring those worlds. And in case you didn’t know, I’m invited by Gearbox Software and 2K Games to come and play the game at the reveal event.

End Game

Besides that, Borderlands 3 is bigger in size another important thing about looter-shooters is that there is something to do once you finished the main story. Going off on another tweet by Randy Pitchford it looks like Borderlands 3 will keep you playing. When Randy got asked about the game’s end-game content and post-launch DLC, he confirmed that it would all return and that there will be more of it.

End game content is something that a lot of games in the genre are struggling with. Gamers like you and I quickly run out of things to do. With Borderlands 2, Gearbox has an awesome blueprint on how end-game content should work. Sadly not every game was able to deliver something similar to that.  If Gearbox gets this right again that can once again show who’s the king of the looter-shooter genre.

Update: Borderlands 3 End Game Content Proving Grounds, Maliwan Takedown, and Guardian Takedown.

Post-Launch Content

There is a season pass announced for Borderlands 3, which is also included in the Super Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of the game. The season pass content will provide 4 campaign DLC packs that will deliver new stories, missions, and challenges. If everything goes great I expect to see some max level increases and hopefully additional playable vault hunters.

Then there is the Vault Insider Program where you will be able to earn points and unlock cool skins and gear. The Borderlands site is already talking about willing to do multiple seasons. So I’m looking forward to what they got in store, I heard they got a bunch of cool stuff lined up for us.

A Billion Weapons

Another that keeps me playing is the grind for better loot. This worked well in the original Borderlands and with the reworked gear in Borderlands 2. It didn’t work that well for me personally in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel as it felt too much like the Borderlands 2 gear. It was more of the same and therefore didn’t feel engaging enough to go and collect everything.

With Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software is revamping the weapons once again. In the trailers, you can see that the game will have over a billion different weapons. Having such a variety of weapons and new types of weapons will keep us searching for the most badass gear. It also gives us new ways to play the game.

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