Borderlands 3 won’t always be online ?!

Play Borderlands 3 With Offline Functionality
Play Borderlands 3 With Offline Functionality

On Twitter Gearbox Software’s President, Randy Pitchford,  responds to a fan and mentions in a Borderlands related tweet that he also wants to take care of the offline player base.

I like the idea of raids and loot – we kind of pioneered that in FPS. I also like on-line. But we want to be there for off-line gamers, too. – Randy Pitchford

In the current landscape of the video game industry we see more and more games going to an always online environment. While i personally haven’t experienced a lot of problems with games that require an internet connection,  there have been multiple  occasions that we gamers couldn’t play our favorite games because of online issues. Personally i would have thought that the next Borderlands game would require to have an online connection. The gameplay of the main series does translates well to more MMO like experiences, and with Battleborn we did see that loot was stored on the GBX server instead of on your save file you store locally. However Borderlands has always been that couch co-op game that you can pick up and play with friends. Having to setup multiple accounts could disrupt that. Well maybe even with this news the Nintendo Switch version of Borderlands 3 would still be a possibility as Nintendo’s online infrastructure hasn’t been fully realized yet. But until we get an official announcement of the game  we still need to take this with a grain of salt for now.

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  1. Necro-om-nom-icon

    @GearboxSoftware is always doing awesome stuff for their fan base

  2. Void-Eaten StarZ

    I hope offline play is capable. I remember before I was on PC and still, on 360 I had to play BL2 w/ only Gaige DLC alone.

  3. B.d. Dickerson

    does anyone know where randy pitchford is from(originally)? i was talking to a pitchford earlier and she said he(randy pitchford)was her favorite uncle.

  4. Chris Beeler

    Love it! Another reason why Borderlands is STILL THE BEST franchise game,and Borderlands 3 will knock…

  5. Eric Briggs

    He did an interview with IGN that I think answers your question. Check it out

  6. Ryan

    I understand the positives to this model, but R.I.P. all the hours I put into the game in offline mode on my laptop


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