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Borderlands 3’s Second Vault Card is Now Available

Borderlands 3 Vault Card 2 - Welcome to Pandora
Borderlands 3 Vault Card 2 - Welcome to Pandora

Welcome to Pandora

Gearbox Software and 2K Games announced that Vault Card 2 is now available for everyone who owns Borderlands 3 The Director’s Cut. The theme this time is called “Welcome to Pandora” and it will celebrate your favorite wannabee Vault Hunters.

If you are a fan of Tales from the Borderlands then you will love this 2nd Vault Card as you will be able to earn a lot of Tales-themed items this time around.

Leveling up Vault Card 2

You level up your Vault Card by simply playing the game or completing the daily and weekly challenges. But before you jump in, make sure you have the correct Vault Card selected, or else that hard-earned XP that you grinded will go towards another Vault Card.

Every time you level up your Vault Card you can open up a Vault Card Chest. These will provide you with various rewards. You can collect and use the Vault Card Keys to unlock one of the rewards listed further down below.

  • Gear from the weekly loot pool (1.49%)
  • A cosmetic item from its Vault Card (35.76%)
  • Eridium (14.90%)
  • 1 Vault Card Key (29.81%)
  • 3 Vault Card Keys (14.90%)
  • Diamond Key for the Diamond Armory (4.62%)

Vault Card 2 Rewards

Vault Card 2 offers 28 unique rewards that are themed around Tales from the Borderlands and some iconic Borderlands moments. You can get a random reward when opening up a Vault Card Chest or Redeeming them with the appropriate amount of keys.

  • 4 New Legendary Items (5)
  • 4 Shared Vault Hunter Skins (4)
    • Crook Look
    • Derring Duds
    • The Loader Look
    • Oasis Chic
  • 4 Vault Hunter Heads (5)
    • Zane as Shady Character
    • FL4K as Str4nger
    • Amara as Con Martial Artist
    • Moze as The Garish Gunner
  • Weapon Skins (2)
    • Homecoming – White/Gold
  • Echo Skins (1)
    • The Gortys Connection
    • Final Destination aka Welcome to Pandora
    • Sand Line
    • Advanced Alien Technology – Eridian Themed
    • Rocky Talky – Eridium Themed
  • Trinkets (2)
    • Warm Welcome
    • Tiny Vault (2) Vault Arch
    • Tchotchkey – Vault Key
    • Relaxtrap – Claptrap
    • Shooter’s Shuttle (2) Marcus’s bus
    • Dry Heat – Shade’s Ambrella
  • Room Decorations (2)
    • Dead Fish – Use the Fish for Cover
    • Fyrestone Sign
  • Emote (4)
    • Guns Blazing
    • The Claw

My Opinion

Vault Card 2 once again delivers a range of awesome items for you to collect. It’s a mixture of stuff from Tales from the Borderlands and the first Borderlands game.

The iconic Borderlands items are timeless and will appeal to anyone no matter when you jumped aboard this franchise.

The Tales from the Borderlands stuff is very cool, although I think it is less appealing to folks that didn’t play that game. Sadly, that game didn’t perform as well as the main series. So if you haven’t played it, you definitely should. It’s an interactive narrative-driven game. You can compare it to Minecraft Story Mode on Netflix but then Borderlands themed. You get an awesome story and making the choices can be stressful but fun. I really hope they will make a second season.

The white&gold themed weapon skin reminded me of the LLC from Battleborn. It looks really slick. I’m curious what my friend Beya thinks of this.

Ki11erSix is obligated to decorate his room with the fish room decoration. I really hope there is a reference to him with this item. Tess is obligated to use the Gortys Echo Skin as she “always” declares her love for this cute robot.

I’m curious what the new legendary weapons will do. Will we see a shift in the Borderlands 3 meta?

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