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Borderlands Community Raises over $69 for St. Jude – The Hunt 2021 Highlights

The Hunt 2021 Recap - Borderlands 3
The Hunt 2021 Recap - Borderlands 3

Borderlands Charity Event

Once a year the Borderlands Community comes together for The Hunt. This community event challenges players to obtain specific items in the game. While doing so, they also raise money for charity. This year we once again raised money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  With our combined efforts we were able to raise over $69 for the kids. $ 67.096 through donations and $2.012 through merch.  I’m extremely proud of this community and honored to be a part of it.

The Hunt Merch

In previous years, I  helped out with communication by keeping the community informed through my website. This year I wanted to actually contribute in a bigger way. However, I’m not a streamer and therefore I did something out of the box. I designed ‘The Hunt’ merchandise for this year’s event.  When I pitched my idea to Ki11erSix and Joltzdude139, who are the organizers of the event, they were all up for it. I am honored that they embraced it and supported my project. So, I set up the merch and arranged with Teespring that all the proceeds would go to St. Jude.  Also, it’s amazing to see the reception of the merchandise and folks rocking it on stream!

The Hunt 2021 Merchandise
The Hunt 2021 Merchandise


By collecting all the items on the hunt list, you could earn POINTZ! There are 11 people who have managed to get all the items on the list. The person who completes the challenge in the fastest time wins.

  1. LazyData
  2. Garw00d
  3. Deceptix_
  4. Triple G
  5. KotaKuroba
  6. apple1417
  7. Bflattened
  8. ilovecheese2
  9. ClumsyDanniey
  10. Brock31
  11. CappyYeets

Interview Lazy Data

Hey LazyData, congrats on winning THe Hunt 2021. How do you feel about your victory?

Thanks! I’m extremely buzzed and excited about it, but also very relieved, relieved that all the hours spent preparing for it mattered.

As the winner of previous Borderlands 2 hunts, what were your expectations going into this year’s Borderlands 3 hunt, and did you prepare a lot for it?

As always I go in with no expectations, it’s a hunt, and anything can happen. As for prep, it was mainly focused on improving my main campaign speedrun time, as just a month ago I was very slow, so a lot of time went into that.

What were some of the highs and lows of your run?

The lows was anything to do with class mod farming haha. Both the proving grounds and the Arm’s Race class mods were extremely rough for me.

Highs definitely being the moment I got the final Arm’s Race class mod, the final moment in getting the ripper to end it.

And then of course every moment we reached a donation milestone for St Jude’s charity, this year we raised 10 times more than the last hunt on the channel, which is absolutely incredible.

Any final words? 

Final words? For the kids!

Stream Highlights

THE HUNT Best Bits + Completions + Heroes + Sacrifices!


Thanks, K6 and Joltz for organizing the event and letting me add some sprinkles to it. GBX & 2K Games you folks are badass for supporting the community! Community, yes YOU, you are amazing!

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