Borderlands Gets New Claptrap Voice Actor

New Voice Actor for Claptrap in Borderlands
New Voice Actor for Claptrap in Borderlands

Gearbox Software has cast Jim Foronda as the voice for Claptrap in Borderlands 2 VR and the commercials. Jim is also responsible for the voice of General Dahl in Borderlands 2 and the Dalh voice of the New-U stations in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. If you are a Battleborn fan you know Jim as Oscar Mike, Whisky Foxtrot, ISIC, and MINREC. Jim announced that he got the role during Episode 120 of the Third Shift Podcast.  The funny thing is that Jim was teasing this new role on Twitter by including Claptrap in some (not so) hidden ways into his tweets.

Jim is following up David Eddings who was the original voice actor for Claptrap. During the development of Borderlands 1 and 2, David worked at Gearbox Software as VP of Marketing. While the role of Claptrap was originally planned as just the tutorial guide, his popularity turned him into one of the main NPC’s in the second game and even a playable vault hunter in the Pre-Sequel. In 2017 David’s departure from the company also resulted in a new casting call for the role.

During the Gauntlet of Romance performance at PAX fans did notice that the voice of claptrap wasn’t done by the original voice actor. David Eddings confirmed this performance wasn’t his. Since then, I think a lot of fans put their foot into the ground that they “only” wanted David to do the voice of claptrap. Now we have a new voice actor for Claptrap in BL2VR and personally, I think Jim did a great job, you can listen to his voice in the new dialogue lines that GBX added to Borderlands 2 VR.

Borderlands 2 VR Gameplay

  • 01:04 – Introduction M.O.V.E.R. Echo device
  • 07:25 – Introduction BAMF Time

Exclusive Third Shift Reveal Interview

Check out the interview with Jim by my friends of Third Shift.

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