Borderlands GOTY Enhanced is getting a patch

Gearbox Software is working on several patches for the Borderlands Remaster and hope to bring those out as fast as possible.
Borderlands 1 Patch Update
Borderlands 1 Patch Update

The launch of enhanced Borderlands GOTY  edition hasn’t been smooth for everyone. There are some connectivity issues if you want to co-op play this game with a friend. Recently they already addressed this specific issue on PlayStation 4. The Xbox version of that patch is being tested at the moment and hopefully will be released soon.

There is another bigger patch in the works that needs a bit more time to develop but the team is working on it. I have heard about things like; memory leakage, screen tearing,  and some other issues. Gearbox wants to deliver a good experience and they are working on it.

If you are experiencing any issues with the game you can file a support ticket.

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