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Hidden Shift Codes in Epic Borderlands Movie Posters

Gearbox Studios and Lionsgate highlighted the main cast of the Borderlands Movie by revealing the movie posters for each of the main characters in the upcoming film.

The posters look cool, however, I do wonder why Claptrap is pooping out bullets XD (update: oke the Borderlands movie trailer explained… some things).

Update: Gearbox Studios and Lionsgate also started sharing posters from the supporting cast and these have hidden SHiFT Codes on them. I listed them down below, so get ready to claim your Golden Keys for every Borderlands game.

CharactersActorsSHiFT Code
LilithCate Blanchettx
ClaptrapJack Blackx
KriegFlorian Munteanux
RolandKevin Hartx
TannisJamie Lee Curtisx
Tiny TinaAriana Greenblattx
MarcusBenjamin Byron DavisHFX3T-KWHCJ-BBJ3T-3JTJB-X3KTR
MoxxiGina GershonZFXJB-BCSKT-TT3J3-JJTB3-XB965
Commander KnoxxJanina GavankarHFFJT-6KZCT-3J333-TT3BB-XK6CS
KromOlivier Richters96FJT-WFZWJ-J3JJJ-BBT3B-XFKSW
LarryBobby Lee966BB-TXSKJ-JJJ3J-333J3-XK56J
Crimson LanceYesZRXJJ-66953-T33TB-BBJ3T-CKXJ6

You can redeem these codes in-game or on the Official SHiFT Website

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