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Borderlands News Update At Pax West 2017

Borderlands Sketch "The Gauntlet of Romance" with Enasni Volz as Moxxi at Pax West 2017

Inside Gearbox Panel

  • Borderlands 3
  • The Gauntlet of Romance
  • Borderlands Skins in Battleborn

Borderlands 3

Early on at the  Inside Gearbox Panel at Pax West 2017, the President of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, addressed the demand of their upcoming  Borderlands title. He assured the fans that they are working on the next Borderlands and that approximately 90% of Gearbox Software is working on this game. For you who missed it, this conformation is one of my PAX predictions that came true. While Randy didn’t give any new info regarding the development, he did assure the community that they are on it. The reason why they still haven’t officially announced Borderlands 3 is because of marketing and consumer demand. Gearbox and 2K Games want to do a proper announcement when the game is more  finalized and set in stone. Randy Pitchford  mentions this in the E3 interview with Jeff Keighley.  If we look back at the Borderlands 2 announcement trailer people think there is a whole playable game there. However the only thing there is the render of Salvador, 2 early environments, and 2 enemies. Everything the developer mentions before the release of the game is implied as a promise. Sadly some people get upset because a game doesn’t contain the feature the developer aiming for and had to change because of development constrains. All i can say is have patience the next Borderlands is coming.

The Gauntlet of Romance

Too break up the heavy information sections of presentation Gearbox also  does some entertainment. Most of the times Randy Pitchford does his magic tricks and sometimes they do a little sketch. During the Pax West Panel they did “the Gauntlet of Romance” sketch, you can check it out in the video above. Sadly this was the second time they performed this sketch and  personally i would have liked it if they did something new. However i  liked it that Gearbox invited a friend/community member to participate. Cosplayer and Twitch Streamer Enasni Volz was asked to play the part of Miss Moxxi which was real awesome.

Another noteworthy thing is the voice of Claptrap, because the audio clips used for this sketch wasn’t the original voice actor. David Eddings who always did the voice for claptrap isn’t with Gearbox anymore.  While personally i didn’t really notice, the original claptrap did confirm it wasn’t him. So Gearbox isn’t just testing a new writer but also a voice actor ?

New Borderlands Voice Actor for Claptrap

New Borderlands Voice Actor for Claptrap

Borderlands Skins in Battleborn

Battleborn is getting some awesome Borderlands skins  with the upcoming patch.

Battleborn Gets Amazing Borderlands Skins

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