Borderlands series has sold over 43 million copies

Massive Sales for Borderlands Franchise
Massive Sales for Borderlands Franchise

In a take-two earnings call, it was mentioned that the Borderlands franchise has sold over 43 million copies across all games. Borderlands 2 is good for the majority of the sales as it sold over 20 million copies. Which is a game that is still going on strong as it still has over a million active players a month. Borderlands 2 recently got a surge of players due to the free UHD upgrade pack that boosted the game’s graphics to 4K. Also, the hype around Borderlands 3 has grown the popularity of the franchise.

With Borderlands 3, executives expect to “grow sales with each title” in a franchise. If we extrapolate this, Borderlands 2 hit 7.5 million units within a year. It has now sold 20 million in its lifetime. This implies Take-Two/2K Games expect these to be surpassed.

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