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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Handsome Jack’s Tips for Surviving on the Moon

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- Handsome Jack's Tips for Surviving on the Moon

Get ready for some awesome tips on Borderlands the Pre-Sequel on how to survive on the Moon. Handsome Jack will walk you through some of the new game mechanics on the moon, so get ready for some low-gravity action on Elpis because you can almost fly!

Don’t worry about getting down, it will be smashing! On Pandora’s moon, Elpis, are low gravity segments giving you the ability to jump really high and really far.

With your o2 kits, you can burst some air to double jump and get to even higher or further places.

Ground Pound, Butt Slam…

Another feature is the SLAM, if you are in the air you can press the crouch button to slam into the ground or better your enemies dealing massive damage.

With the right o2 kits, you can even send out elemental novas. Don’t worry about your o2 running out, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel isn’t a survival game on the moon. There are enough ways for you to restore your o2, but because the SLAM is so powerful you can not spam it.

Vault Hunters

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel starts with four new vault hunters with new action skills. Wilhelm the Enforcer has 2 drones, 1 for offense and 1 for defense. Athena the Gladiator has her shield that she uses to protect herself and deal damage against her enemies.

New Loot

There will also be new loot to collect in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, not only are the o2 kits new, but the game will also feature 2 new gun types. Those two new types are Laser and Cryo weapons, something Gearbox Software wanted to do in their previous games but didn’t succeed in getting to work.

When 2K Aus, who is developing the game, started talking about the idea the original team said don’t go there it will break the game. So 2K Aus started up a demo showing it was already up and running without any problems.

So shatter your enemies with the new Cryo weapons without shattering your game.


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