Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Moon Dance Trailer

Shoot 'n' loot your way through a brand new standalone Borderlands adventure that rockets you onto Pandora's moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, arriving in-stores in North America on October 14th, 2014 and internationally on October 17th, 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC!

2K Presents a 2K Australia and Gearbox software game: BORDERLANDS THE PRE-SEQUEL !!!

Get ready for the Moon Dance and some new details about the newest game in the borderlands franchise. As the introductions fades we get to see (Handsome) Jack’s new look, shockingly he has no mask. Directly after that we see the new Vault Hunters, Wilhelm the Enforcer, Nisha the Lawbringer, Athena the Gladiator & Claptrap the Fragtrap in action. After this a short snippet shows of Moxxi with a more mechanic look, did see join the family business and start up her own catch á ride station on the moon? Also a short glimpse is shown of Lilith in het Borderlands 2 look.

Then the trailer shows of some gameplay footage with the low gravity and the new weapon types. Borderlands the pre-sequel will feature laser & cryo weapons and will make the gun arsenal even more bazilliondiestier. The low gravity and the O2 kitts will give the player the opportunity to hover or double jump in mid-air. Also we see some new enemies on the battlefield, from moon rock kinda monsters to spacesuit bandits.

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