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Buy Moxxitails for your favorite streamer – Borderlands 3

Moxxtails Menu
Moxxtails Menu

Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension on Twitch

With the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension on Twitch, you can interact in various ways with the streamer. You can participate in events, win loot, or battle the streamer. Now you can also buy Moxxtails for your favorite streamer. To trigger Moxxtail Events, you’ll need Bits of Sugar, which have a 1:1 value with Twitch Bits. Twitch Bits are a virtual good that can be bought directly via Twitch, and let you offer a small tip to streamers you enjoy. Now those tips can be used to help out the streamer in-game as well as monetarily!

Moxxtails Ingredients

To make the ideal cocktail you need the right flavor of ingredients. These ingredients add a different kind of flavor to the game.

  • Varkid Bitters – Increased Max Health
  • Rakk Vermouth – Increased Max Shield
  • Quadruple Sec – Increased Health Regen
  • Sonic Water – Increased Elemental Damage Chance
  • Drub Soda – Increased Elemental Damage
  • Gamaretto – Increased Gun Damage
  • Skagnac – Increased Critical Damage
  • Kill-you-a – Increased Ammo Regen
  • Cream of Kapow – Increased Fire Rate
  • Hey Sugar – Reduced Action Skill Cooldown

Starting the Event

To start a Moxxtail Event, someone in the audience must donate a Bits of Sugar amount equal to or greater than a threshold that’s set by the streamer, provided the streamer has the Moxxtail Event enabled and the event is not already active. Once someone triggers the event, Moxxi will present her tip jar to the audience. At this point, everyone can pile on the tips; the more Bits of Sugar get donated, the more effective the buffs granted by the drink will be, with five tiers of drink strength in total. If someone else started the event and you’ve got some Bits of Sugar burning a hole in your pocket, now’s the time to toss them in! The Moxxtail Event window keeps track of who’s donated the most, who donated first, and who donated most recently.


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