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Can Redfall be Played Solo?

Redfall Single Player Campaign
Can you play Redfall all by yourself?

Redfall is the newest game by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks. Early impressions of the game had people convinced that the game would play similarly to games like ‘Left 4 Dead’ or ‘Back 4 Blood’, however, that is not the case. Redfall isn’t a survival horde shooter.

Does Redfall have a Single Player Story Campaign?

Yes, you can play Redfall all by yourself and solo the whole story campaign on your own. Arkane Studios set out to make a game as they always did but in an open-world environment. You will get that classic Arkane experience in Redfall. You can play the game stealthily and use the objects in the environments to your advantage.

Redfall has that Arkane DNA, however, you can also play the game with up to 4 players but then it kinda becomes a party game. You will likely don’t have time to slowly progress through the story as you would by yourself. Reading all the journals will be a lot harder as your friend goes all “Jimmy Jenkins” and blindly runs guns blazing into every encounter.

If it’s up to the Creative Director of Redfall, you should first play the game solo and then play it again with friends. There are benefits to playing with friends as there is a dynamic dialogue system in Redfall that creates conversations between the characters.

I also have a guide if you need help deciding which character to play in Redfall as I break down each of their abilities.

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