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Canceled Battleborn Heroes – Developer Interview

Another interview segment with Randy Varnell, the Creative Director of Battleborn, on some content that got cut from the game during development. Randy and I talked about some heroes that are now missing in action.

  • Ejo-Lorr
  • Annebel and the iron fist
  • Oxo-Lorr
  • The Lorrian

Here is a follow up by Randy on this  topic:

Ejo-Lorr and Oxo-Lorr are both members of a race known as “lorrians”. They are in many ways the Hutts of the Battleborn universe: Mercs, black market dealers, shady characters. In Toby’s raid, we brought this more directly into the line of fire with a character known as THE Lorrian (pretty arrogant title, that). The Lorrian ties into to some of the other lore entries with Toby and Reyna as well. The original vision for the lorrian race was much like Ejo-Lorr is shown there. The Lorrian was re-imagined… Whatever they look like in the full form, they’re big, mean, devious, and ambitious.

  • @Songmasterk Weird. I thought one of them was in-game? Mostly because I had him put there…

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