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The Good & Bad – Channel Update Dec 2022

Hey and welcome to another Channel Update. In these blogs, I want to give you an update on what has been going on in my life and on the website as I strive to create a kickass resource for you.

Personal Drama

November was a hectic month as my wife and I had to sort a lot of things out and jump in to aid others.

My youngest son (3) managed to get a stick in his eye, luckily his eye wasn’t damaged but the whole situation was stressful as we had to get him to a doctor and the General practice center didn’t have the immediate capacity to help. Because of course, it happens on the weekend – 5 minutes before you decide to bring the kid to bed – and your regular doctor isn’t available. So before a doctor can help you it is the middle of the night.

My other son (12) got into an accident as a scooter ran into him at full speed. The head-on collision broke his bike in two but luckily my son only had some scratches on his hand. My wife and I were both at home waiting for him to get back from school went we received the call he got into an accident. It happened nearby our house, so we were able to get there faster than the police and ambulance.

On November 11th there is kinda a Halloween “Trick-or-Treat” event in Holland. Kids build these lanterns and go from door to door during the evening to sing a song and get CANDY. We had fun and my youngest son really got into it after a while. Great personal growth.

The evening took a turn when we went to visit the grandparent. My father-in-law fell backward and broke his back. It happened moments before we arrived as my mother-in-law was on the phone calling for help. So we helped out as much as we could for the last few weeks.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

I have been working hard on getting the TTWL HUB in a great place. The game was released with a ton of legendary weapons and then added even more with the DLCs. There was sooo much content to cover that I wasn’t able to work through it all. However, I managed to put in the time to get that all up on the site. When that was done, I was able to work on other useful guides and more stuff is being worked on.

Borderlands 3

I’m keeping up with the weekly rotations and community events. I noticed the question about the Ascension Bluff Door was still popping up, so therefore I added a guide on that topic.

New Tales From The Borderlands

New Tales has its flaws but I found it an entertaining experience. If you want to know how to achieve certain stuff in the game, I wrote a few guides on how to successfully pull those off.


Redfall popped up on my radar and it looks really interesting. There is some overlap with Borderlands when you look at things like the skill trees and loot but the game has its own identity and does things a bit differently and that’s what excites me. Expect that I’ll be covering this game the same way as I did with Borderlands 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


The Hunt managed to raise $42K for St. Jude. The scavenger hunt was won by Deceptix. Also, there was some minor Borderlands Movie news. I hope they will show a trailer of the movie at the Game Awards.

Thank you for coming this far into the update. If you want to support the work that I do you can join the awesome supporters on my Patreon and see how you can contribute and enhance your experience.

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